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Post vice and leg vice?


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Does anyone know what the difference is between a leg vice and a post vice? I'm pretty sure its just the name, maybe some people call them post vices, and some people call them leg vices. Anyways, if anyone has an answer it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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I started smitihing in the early 1960's, before ABANA, before internet, before American Farriers' Association, and we called them leg vises. I have an 1894 tool & machinery catalog which calls them leg vises. I never heard of 'post vise' until I got on the internet. There is something called a 'post drill.' It is aligned and mounted on a plank and then sometimes attached to a shop post, a vertical structural timber.

No matter what I say, today's common usage is leg vise or post vise for the same thing. By the bye, the spelling of vise in the U.K. is 'vice.'

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