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  1. AJAX


    Does anyone know a good vendor for a propane fuel hose?
  2. that turned out really well.
  3. I have a fairly good chance at getting a good deal on a Vulcan anvil. The only problem is that the edges of the face of anvil are pretty beat up. My question is: can I repair it? I have a welder that I could use to patch it up, but I am unsure as to how that will go. Do I just go at it with 7018? That would probably mess up the temper right? If I had it professionally fixed, what would that cost me? any information would be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance. Oh, If you want to see the exact anvil, pm me and I will send you the link, last time I added a CL link it got taken off.
  4. They have been over "X-ing" lately only becasue some of you are over posting things that should not be
  5. Nice knife! I'm thinking about making my own, do you think you could explain the mechanics of it? ie- how the handle fits together, the shape that makes the blade "friction fit" any information would be awesome!
  6. AJAX

    Cable damascus

    they were "bursty", however, the trail of sparks was only about a foot long, and usualy you get a 3'+ tail of sparks. relevant?
  7. AJAX


    Hey guys, I am starting to build my first forge. I plan on using the forge burner from this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxzdqcPzXj8 (I highly recommend this video/burner for those other people starting out) anyways, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy a pre-made flare. Or, is it possible to use this burner without the flare, so I can use it to make a flare? thanks,
  8. Hey I wanted to ask anyone who might live near Washington If they know anywhere where I could pick up a scrap piece of steel to use as an anvil. I have contacted several local scrap yards, but they don't seem to reply to my inquiries. Thanks,
  9. ended up not buying it, thanks for the advice
  10. Your going to give bob kramer a run for his money! nice work
  11. AJAX

    Cable damascus

    I did a grind test on the cable, at it had a ton of sparks so it must have a fairly high carbon content.
  12. Here is a pic http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/tls/3877425891.html
  13. haggled my way down to 60$ for this RRrail anvil, but is it still a good buy? (have not officially purchased it yet) craigslist link removed
  14. How do I tell if a cable is good for Damascus or not?
  15. Where do you think I could find a "chunk of scrap"
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