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  1. my family is orginally from Meadville.
  2. I have over 100 vises. So I guess I will just add them to my list of vices.
  3. Hello my fellow vise loving friends. My wife doesn't really seem to appreciate old iron like I do so i thought I would share with the forum. Check out this beauty I picked up today. A Reed 106 weighs 133lbs and has 6inch jaws. I put the old can in there for a size reference. This vise makes all my other vises look like babies. I think the Rock Island I got yesterday could fit in its jaws.
  4. just found "PN 125" stamped in bottom of swivel base and on the piece the screw attaches to.
  5. ha that is funny. I am not usually that slow. I couldnt find any other marking. I will take a closer look this afternoon. thanks for the laugh in the morning.
  6. I am not sure. I have never heard of kosher vises.
  7. Sorry about the original picture. Hopefully these are better.
  8. Hello, I am new to the forum and I really enjoy all the vise discussion. I own many vises but recently picked picked up one I can't identify. It is about 90 pounds and has 5 inch jaws. It has the star of David on the side with an N in it. I was really hoping someone could help me identify it. The guy I bought it from said his uncle had it and worked for the railroad.