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I Forge Iron

Male Mail box

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Our Mail Box (not forged, I know but it is metal and a sculpture of sorts)

As mentioned in my intro, I live remote, and our mail arrives by aircraft, once a week and if we aren’t there to pick up incoming, or deliver outgoing mail, there needs to be a place to leave it. In the past, the mail box was a cut in half 44 gal drum (55 gal for you Yanks and 200 Litres for the young metric folk. I’m an in-betweener, they started teaching me imperial and then switched to metric), with the top fitting over the bottom half, painted white and ‘Mail’ written on the side. Pretty xxxx basic. I’d look at it and say to myself “Need to change that one of these days”, anyhow one of my blokes drove over it one day and forced the issue.

So this is what I came up with...He’s built around a 44 gal drum on its side and to access the mail bag you lift his tail.....I was going to write ‘Male’ on the side instead of ‘Mail’.....(this is also a test run to see how posting pics goes)


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Thanks for the replies Fellas, appreciated.

Mitch, thats why it's painted red (apart from the traditional red of mail boxes). I figured if it was grey or black, new pilots may abort their approach (SOP for bush airfields if animals are on or near the 'strip)

Wolf, maybe I should use a brown mail bag and just drop it under his tail??

Niel, I agree about Normal. Mate, when I was a little tacker I lived, for a couple of years, just up the road from you at Chemainus and a couple of years before that, at Prince George. Always wanted to go back for a visit.....

Thomas, may startle the tourists with the 'pillow, more than the pilot. Have had a few 'deliveries', (forwarded on a couple of post cards to Oma in Dusseldorf we found inside)

Dave, it's near the wind-sock, so should be pretty safe

Andrew, It's been there over a year now (doesn't look quite so shiny as in the photo) and no holes! I'm constantly amazed. It's been photographed a hellofa lot of times though. Mate I must say that your creations leave me gob-smacked. I am in awe of what you can do with scrap iron. You M'man truly are an artist!!

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whirly - thats the kiddie! just looked on your page to see if i could find that red creature - its fabulous - i love it, the scale, the shape, and the mad color :) very groovy and i would love him by my house:) youve a nice natural way of shaping stuff ..

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Hi Beth, Thanks! This bloke by your house? Nah, but I reckon a good sized Aurochs, or a Wisent would should fit right in :)

Cheers Bentiron. don't know about the cows, but I'm glad none of the wandering Buff bulls have decided to take him on in a head butt competition...

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Sam, Kevan, Cheftjcook thanks. I enjoyed making it. I'm not a sheet-metal worker, so it was a trial and error sort of thing to get the shape looking sort of realistic. Anyhow, it was fun putting it together, and it's become a bit of a photo celebrity with tourists, who've creating their own lay-by beside the road by stopping to take pics....

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