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What is the purpose of the hole in this hammer?


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An electrician friend of mine says they're not bad for tweaking I/2" conduit but I don't mess with that stuff myself so I wouldn't know for sure. I had one that was left at my home in Santa Fe, NM when I was a kid along with a big claw hammer. I guess the guy got tired of toting them around. :wacko:

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These are called 'Stepping Hammers' by the Bell System, since they were sized to correspond to the distance between the climbing spikes (steps) driven and then screwed into telephone poles. The hole slipped over the bent end of the spike and the handle length provided leverage to thread the screw into the pole. Handy thought, but now it's all obsolete, since climbing poles is risky business, much less having to hammer in your own steps as you went up. Bucket lifts sent these and a lot of other tools out of action.-giovannimeola.com

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You just repeated what a couple of other folks have said the function was...didn't you read the thread?  And...the "font" or formatting of your text is really bad and hard to read.  Try to remove the dark background and just use plain, normal text in the future.

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