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"RUSTY" the Appalachian Power Hammer, well it's Cody's paw

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My brother in law, Bill is building a power hammer, so we can make billets, the hammer chosen was the "RUSTY" the Appalachian Power Hammer. Last night we took most metal parts that needed welding and got them welded by my friend Mark. Now the assembly will begin, here are some pictures of my friends garage.


Here are some pictures:




Here is the final hammer without the electric motor:


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Gator, it's just the beginning, my brother in law, Bill will make it a nice tool, that we could both use for those tedious tasks such as making Damascus billets from wire rope, and drawing metal, and tongs will be easier to make, etc.

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FP, great piece of kit.  You've designed and built almost the exact same hammer I've been designing in my head for the last year or so!


Best part about using the anvil for the anvil is that you can make lower dies that swap out easy as pie because you've got the hardy hole right there.


I bet she'll be a dream to work on.

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