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  1. Got plenty of soapstone, anvil devil, tong clip, and a hawk drift
  2. Ya know... You could always drop that off at my shop. I'm kinda low on metal.
  3. Tom do you have anything written down on exactly how to build one of those burners? I would really like to build one. I like the idea of using as little fuel as possible, and that seems to be a perfect design. Great looking forge by the way. And thanks for sharing that with us.
  4. That is actually an anvil that was used on wagons. You'd pull the wheel off and put the analog the axle. Friend has 1 identical to that. Great for light work.
  5. 84 Kawasaki kxt250 tecate... the 2 stroke demon S&W m&p15 and my giant bolt
  6. OMG ITS BLUE I WANT IT... got a 84 110 myself.. GREAT machine.. had it not been for a cheap carb mine would've still been runnin'..(choke screw backed out and got sucked into the intake holding the valve open.)
  7. i was kinda pointin towards the underground dwarf blacksmith part.. but ya most of em are pretty similar
  8. I do have a brother who's driving a flatbed.... just not entirely sure where he's at right now...
  9. I'm about 2 hours or so from Dallas and in dire need of 500 bucks. Had a nice little chuckle with that " metal shear" bit though
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