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  1. joe has a valid point... hard refrac will hold up to real use (everyday use) while blanket will work it wont last like the hard will.... so if your a hobbist like 90% of the folks on here, blanket will work for you
  2. ive run fryer oil in a homemade burner set up... it works pretty well, a couple of issues....first it burned best when preheated... and second soot(until forge body came up to heat)... would love to see pics of your project..
  3. i have to side with stu here... that hammer if sound will far out perform most mechanical hammers... most folks undervalue them,not really understanding how robust they are.. soild hard hitting hammers... get it !!! you wont regret it!!! as for it being a champion.. its a good chance,but my money would be on a hercules
  4. i heard that the kolswa's that centaur forge sold for awhile where a lil soft... but as a rule, most ive seen where very very hard (including the 75lber i owned for awhile)....most that ive seen have had badly chipped edges due to that hardness..... radius the edges on yours and youll have a work horse!!!
  5. hey is that some sort of burner on the right side of the bed of the truck???
  6. k morgan is soooooooo right, if you dont own that book .you should. honestly any smith should have a copy of it.........
  7. first off.... thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.my sister amy is four years younger than myself, she was 39 years old...the kids father is not in the picture, their stepfather is. this is sumthing a forgeweld just wont fix...
  8. no i'm not say its wrong to collect anything..... as i understand at the heart of this site we are here to share and learn. tools that are useable being hoarded drives up the price to average user... thats good and fine if your the seller(if your selling)... but to the end user, the price is raised to a point only very successful smiths or rich folks can afford to buy a quaility tool.... its also my feeling that anvils are very different thing, unlike other collectables,people make a living using these tools, unlike stamps or guns whatever.. anyway FISHER KING, making your collection op
  9. Today i lay my sister down in a field of stone........earlier this week my sister died from complications due to bone cancer,leaving behind 4 kids ranging from 9 to 21....morgun,molly,keegan and kimber.... i would ask that you keep these kids in your prayers...
  10. really fisher king??? did i mention money in my post ??? no.... want and need are two different things...NOBODY NEEDS that many anvils...sure most of us that come to this site would love to have a collection like that,but none of us need it...
  11. geeze, talk about a anvilblocker..... no wonder young smiths have a hardtime finding good anvils.... this guy has half of them...
  12. the only picture available of the bement at this time, is posted on the anvilfire power hammer page.... its the hammer jock is standing in front of...
  13. hello one and all.... i'm looking to trade off my 350lbs niles bement steamhammer.... its a 2pc machine... comes with a non running sulair 75hp tow behind aircompressor.... this hammer shows no signs of being used hard, its missing its anvil,but comes with anvil stock( a 2500lb 18'' round that fits the hole).... with all thats going on in my life i cant afford the time or money to set this machine up...... looking for a trade of..a plug and play airhammer in the 50lb -150lb range.....would consider a mech hammer(bradley or fairbanks)... any questions please feel free to call four3four six
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