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Friend Found "This" Any ideas?

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I can't tell you what it is but I can tell you what it isn't. It's not a mooring cleat. Cleats, bitts and bollards all have smooth rounded edges to allow the line to slip when the deckhand eases the line. Any remotely sharp edge may cause the line to bind. Also, all I have ever seen have been cast. Seen a few broken ones in my time. 20+ yrs USCG Boatswainsmate.

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The reason I thought it might be a modified former cleat was finding cleats like this one on google,

I wish I had more info or pics but my friend has not decided if he wanted to buy this thing or not, we both have plenty of real anvils and hes not sure if he wants it just because its odd lol.

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I'm thinking it's useful, whatever it was originally used for. I picked up a pile of tinsmith's stakes a couple decades ago and while it bears a resemblance to a couple it's still much different, they're stake tools, not bolt downs.

Frosty The Lucky

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