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  1. Yetti

    5" Chas Parker vice

    well on the hunt yesterday I found a bunch of vises. most were to small. one I found was like the 80lb'r above but busted in a similar way, the previous owner had beat the tail stock till it had a huge hole on top. it was more repair then I wanted to take on. to bad
  2. Yetti

    5" Chas Parker vice

    Yeah its old. I figured about 1930's or 40's. its like new other then the rusty finish. the teeth in the jaws are as sharp as the day it was made. it weighs in about 150lbs Here is another one I bought back in September. its a Parker as well. needed a bunch of work to restore to working condition. this one replaced my one leg vice. I was worried we were gunna break the leg vice with my son pounding on it all the time.
  3. Hi guys bought a nice vice and was wondering how old this is? Don't see any numbers
  4. Finally its fired up! me and my son played a bit just to see how the chimminy drafted. its a bit off yet as we need to cut in the front for the smoke box. in the one pic you can see the flame being sucked between the tray and the fire box wall.
  5. well my son started working on it again. I had my other knee replaced so I have been home most of the summer so far. need one more piece over the air throat to neck it down.
  6. I think you will find most engine oils are now designed to deal with the lack of lead in fuel. mostly the rings needed it for seating properly and the valves needed it for lubrication to prevent guide wear. if you are using any oil on the market today that is designed for auto use it will work in your engine without the leaded fuel.
  7. I've done the shots, they don't help for long. one thing I found as I have been researching arthritis is to go Gluten free. something in the wheat gluten is very detrimental in the fighting of arthritis, I don't know why and how it all works but it does. a second thing I found is Diatomacious earth (food grade) it has helped with joint pain and keeps me working well up to this point. check out the link. http://www.earthworkshealth.com/human-use.php I buy it in 50lb sacks at the feed store. its about $33 here.
  8. I have done them with a mig but you have to be careful. jig them straight and weld one side then grind flat. use a propane torch and annel it a couple times before flipping and doing the same on the other side. a long length of angle iron works well for a jig. just remember when you cut out the old weld to flip one side and clamp the to halves together when you grind them . that way when you put the two sides together they match perfect. FYI aneeling is very nessary. if you do not it will be very brittle and break at the weld.
  9. Sad to Hear. God Speed Danny Hope you can get past this. Good luck be with you.
  10. you can run bead to put in shrink lines. it will get weird looking while doing so. use a chalk to draw a pattern in the table to follow and keep to the pattern. if the budge is 3/8" high then divide it in 3" or 4" sections and run beads to draw it down. then grind smooth. if the budge needs more then split the pattern again.
  11. I don't know if you guys can use his idea or not? My Uncle used to have this in our basement for taking out the moisture in the air and it worked great. he used to get 40lbs of melting salt (halite) and put it in a burlap sack and hang it above a drain in the basement. he also had on in his work shop over a bucket. it sucked the air dry and nothing ever had water on it when it was humid down there. I haven't tried it in the barn but I suspect it works just as well. you may need more bags for a bigger area.
  12. couple things on Mig welding. if by chance you are using Flux core wire you need to make sure the machine is set up with a Positive ground. if you use gas then it isn't as necessary. secondly I have seen this issue with mag clamps and the old shop teacher I had said to wrap the ground cable around a iron bar or steel pipe to set the phase off. he said it disrupted the field in relation to the weld and and kept things from getting weird at the work level. since I have never had the issue with popping and bubbling using mag clamps I assume he had this scenario in mind.
  13. They couldn't see the Spanish coming, what makes you think they are close with this?
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