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Please tell me I'm missing something here..Bidding war?


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Could this be an example of the often seen inverse relationship between wealth and common sense? (insert any appropriate almost any Romney quote here]
or - more likely - a fake run up of the price hoping to create the above?
Maybe someone (or two?) really want a decoration more than they want a vice.

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I have a 6" Indian Chief, it's VINTAGE! The wealth in the shop is making me giddy!

Folk going to auctions seem determined to get a deal no matter what it costs. I went to a police bicycle auction once and if it said Schwyn (sp?) on it it went for a couple hundred $, even a bare fork with bent handle bars. Tool auctions are bad too, I've watched beat up Milwaukee power tools bid up to nearly 2X new price. I didn't even bother to get a number last auction I went to.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I rarely buy things off ebay anymore, It seems like prices have really went up on some stuff.

I've found with traditional auctions it depends alot on the auctioneer, the area of my state its in and what other stuff was for sale. Of course rainy & bitter cold weather usually helps by thining out the crowd. Vise grips and air tools seem to go for crazy prices at most auctions around here, often as much as they cost new in the store.

I went to an auction back in the fall were I picked up 4 post vices, a power hammer, a box of really nice blacksmithing books and some other misc tools for what I saw a cheap import bench vise sell for as at an auction a few weeks ago.

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If you are searching for a cheap post vise on Ebay, search "local pickup" then read the description carefully. If the description makes you think the seller will pack and ship, send a message to the seller. I got a very nice 60# post vise on Ebay for $10 bid + $40 shipping, so $50.

This works for other heavy stuff too, but sometimes the seller won't even reply to questions regarding shipping...don't worry about it and move on.


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