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    old iron- and if it heats it ,beats it ,or chops it in half all the better.

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  1. Was looking for a new IK myself but John has informed me he is retired.
  2. I use MOLYKOTE® G-N METAL ASSEMBLY PASTE on my press its the slickest stuff I have ever used.
  3. Looks like a swage tool for the crimps when working with wire rope. (cable)
  4. If it were mine I would start by squirting some good penetrating oil in the holes where you removed the set screws then put a big pipe wench on it and see if you can spin and loosen. The next thing I would try is to weld tool to a piece of scrap that you can clamp or wedge down and then try to pull tool out bye working ram back and forth the twist and pull mite get things moving. A last resort would be to remove ram anneal tool and then machine it out. These are just suggestions on how I would do it ,maby some one else has a better idea. Good Luck .
  5. You could make some heavy iron bands to clamp around the log to keep it from splitting
  6. Dont let it pass finding a hammer local is a real bonus in time and money saved.
  7. Hey OD hope all is well on the home front, look foward to see what your doing when you can get back to work. B)
  8. Just sharpen it- The finest cutlery mfg of the world have yet to produce a blade from steel that does not require reg maint to perform at its best. The barber stropes his razor between shaves,butchers hone there knives often,cabinet makers spend a lot of time keeping things sharp. Your knife is probaly fine it just needs to be touched up. If you do develop a blade that will still shave after Thanksgiving dinner or cutting a couple frozen chickens you should call Ron Popeil you will sell a million of them. :P
  9. I am looking for a 6" or bigger vise anyone got one within 200 miles of CT I will come get it for reasonable (not 800+lol)
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