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Heat and beat rebar knife


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Inspired by Chui from British blades ,Logan Pearce (not of this forum) , and a South African forum that Chui posted a link to this is what I've come up with. I decided to have a heat and beat session at the forge.
I like this steel, so far this 'hotch potch' stuff is good steel.
Sorry for the naff pics.








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Well you have done quite a nice job with this! I have also made cutting edges from rebar and it is quite serviceable though I'd be unlikely to use it for carving tools, filet knives, or other purposes where premium edges are desirable. I have a little ice axe made from rebar that I use in winters to chop nose holes in the ice on the water troughs for my livestock... It works VERY nicely! I can chop a 6" hole through three inches of ice with it in a minute or less.

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Do they make high carbon re-bar? I for see a great interest in these in the near future

You can ask the manufacturer, remember: structural steels are rated for strength with charpy and jomony testing, content is secondary. Make them anyway and have fun, but dont be upset if they dont hold edges well.
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I know this kind of defeats the purpose of an all-rebar knife, but the handle grip looks so cool that you may want to consider making another knife by forge welding a piece of high carbon round bar to the rebar and then forge the knife out. Not sure if it's more trouble than it's worth though.


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Great effort - like the idea of leaving some of the ribbing as an aid to gripping ... rebar does come in different grades ... serch the web you will find the chart. If you "need" a blade that will hold an edge longer try splitting the bar and adding in a length of file and forge weld it in ... just a thought.

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Sorry not been on for a while.
Many thanks for all the great replies.
I do not know what grade of rebar is , it was at a reasonable price from the local builders merchants.
The idea came about from another forum with the post 'what is rebar good for ?' so I thought it rude not to try and make a knife .LOL.
I'll be making more for sure.

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