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  1. OK Thanks! I have a small gas forge that I purchased and I'm thinking of making my next one.
  2. Very nice job! Where do you get your liner materials? Jamie
  3. Thanks! I can tell that took alot of your time and I appreciate it. I'm gonna give it a try! Jamie
  4. Rich, Thanks for posting the blue print for hand grinding. I'm gonna give it a try. Jamie
  5. Cotton, I have two small "C" clamps that work pretty well for that. Jamie
  6. Ken, I discovered that imperfections (dimples or thinner areas) affect the way the grind looks. On this blade both sides look similar but are not exactly matched. I can live with it! Live and learn! Jamie
  7. Rich, I searched for bp # 0235 but couldn't locate it. (Not enough letters?) Is there a keyword or phrase I could searh for?
  8. Rich, I have a chart that says most of these type blades are L6, that's how I came to that conclusion. The edge of these blades are equiped with an abrasive compound that does the work. What I don't understand is why it won't anneal.
  9. The blade at the top of the photo was made from a circular concrete saw blade. I cut it out with a thin grinding wheel with out any problems. I thought I had annealed it well, however when I tried to drill holes in it to mount on my grinding jig I could not get the holes drilled. I am assuming the steel is L6. Any suggestions? Thanks, Jamie
  10. I saw a jig made of angle iron and bolts. I believe it was CJS Knives. I was at a resale shop the other day looking for some angle iron to make one when I saw a heavy duty hinge. Here is what I came up with. Take the hinge apart and cut off the last pin receiver on the end. Insert a bolt and nut. Set at desired angle. Attach knife. Grind. The knife was made from a piece of cable, that I hope turns out well. The jig seems to work pretty well. It is alot better than my free hand style. I'll post the finished knife soon. Thanks for looking. Jamie
  11. I would have lost money if i were to have placed a bet on that. never knew that was possible. Amazing! Jamie
  12. Cool looking! Are ribs on the handel from the rebar or did you grind them that way? Rebar here in Texas has similar ribs. I didn't realize you could finish rebar to that high of a polish. Very nice! Jamie