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  1. Try finding a south facing window and popping the board close to it -mid afternoon - a high noon sun through window glass is better than any studio light, if it doesn't work right away stick something under the board to angle it in a preferred direction and you'll get the light you seek for the best shot possible Also if the light is only dim from one side cover a small board with tin foil and use it as a reflector to "bounce" the light to the other side of the piece and even out the exposure of the shot. Hope that helps
  2. that looks a bit like a hay budden - if its got a nice clean face and throws the hammer back at you like its putting up a fight then sounds like you got a nice seccond anvil coming home with you Just beware of the tool collecting desease... it is incurable
  3. Found this Anvil hanging out at a friend`s barn. Its not very large, very worn and had some repair work done but from the looks of it a long long time ago. Ive not seen anything like it. The horn is small and stubby but the face is almost as broad as mine and it`s hardy hole is the same size as mine. It throws back a hammer really well but sounds a little muted. I thought it might of been for blade work vs farrier stuff as the face was broad but the horn short. lots of signs of use for drawing out as its really worn down on the face. Sorry for the poor pic quality - only had time to snap these
  4. I have the same problem with some mystery steels that i use when i am making knives out of old files - the last one i did was hell - i tried anneling several times, the only way i got it drilled was by hot drilling one hole and then annealing the blade something like 3 times for the seccond before it grudgingly went through not without breaking the bit. for two pins and my utter stubbournness it took a week of various things attempted. So my two cents - If you know what type of steel you have you can often find out the very accurate specifics of what temperature and timeing of cool down y
  5. Weirdly enough as i had this thought for the first post in the thread Ive now found this campaign thats been started up check it out if you havent already! link removed
  6. I was chatting with the wife and she showed me a fantastic program for veterans that was art based that helped veterans cope and come to terms with their experiances, I dont know about the rest of you but working out in the shop has always been for me at least very theraputic, I thought WOW this could be great as a therapy for vets so i decided to log on to IFI and open the floor to other folks. What do you think? does anyone think they could handle starting something like this up? maybe it`s already being done by some of you guys. Their might be a thread ive missed? Please feel free to chip i
  7. Again, thanks so much for taking the time to post and sticky this thread, perhaps others here can learn from my ignorance. :) have a lovely day!
  8. Thanks so much steve, its so good of you to take the time to post in my thread.
  9. You might have to - easyest way would be to anneal it again and leave it insulated for 24 hours then when youve really annealed the whole thing well - drill in your pin holes after ward you can concentrate on heat treating without the worry of buggering up a temper with haveing to anneal bits of the blade again. Just my 10 cents.
  10. Made this from an old engineer file with a brass guard, ebony and antler handle.
  11. Its made out of an old lawn mower blade!
  12. Here is a kitchen knife i made for a friend as a trade in exchange for some lovely ebony he had stored from his days of guitar making.
  13. Im looking for a decent company located either in the uk or europe that produces reliable and affordable belt sanders - specifically for knife making. Does anyone know of any such companies and has anyone used them? could really use some solid advice for this as i dont think im looking in the right place or know enough to make a truly informed purchase by myself.
  14. I so know that feeling - joy over random forge succesess! *happy dances as well*
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