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Drilling a Square hole

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I would like to SEE this in action, not as cartoon on a computer. Take note of the tool shaft moving about which would mean the drill would move about. The guide seems to be the key to the process, keeping the cutting tool in position. And just what keeps the guide from being damaged by the cutting edges of the tool?

I have heard you can do something similar by not chucking a drill bit on axis and having it flop around a bit in the hole. Again when I ask to SEE it in action, they did a little sidestep and moved on. Not saying it could not happen, just want to SEE it happen.

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The Watts square hole drill was what I thought I was going to see in the first video and broaching is a different operation in either case.

What really impresses me though is that Grant named his vise Kurt. Now I REALLY want a tour of his operation! (Shop that is!)

Frosty the Lucky.

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I can understand how the cutting action works but, how is hole orientation established? By that i mean in this case the edges of the square holes parallel with the vise jaws. I would think it would be random upon the start of contact of the bit???

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