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Parlett Farm Life Museum Auction

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I keep up with auctions and was sent this yesterday. I admit if I had the money to go I would not post here, but maybe someone will benefit.

They have a youtube videos showing the "tool shed". My jaw dropped and I just drooled. My wife was in the room while I watched and just laughed at me. I can always dream. Atleast y'all can appreciate.


Here is the auction site.

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I attended the auction and feel that I would have been much happier simply placing bids on their web site. The auctioneer did not always indicate what item was being auctioned, and he threw random numbers into in banter that was extremely confusing. It was almost like listening to random numbers. The few people that I asked said they were just as confused as I was. The auction started with two hours of selling boxes of flea-market type tools, and did not get to selling any quality tools till around noon. I left at 1pm because my estimate was that they would not get to the items I was interested in until 4 or 5pm, and I was suffering from the heat no matter how much water I drank. I brought 4.5 gallons of ice water with me. I would not recommend that auction company to anyone after that experience.

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Yep, a bad auctioneer will make for a lousy day. Been there, done that. I loved Ashman auctions for my machine shop stuff. He ran a good operation, and treated everyone very fairly. He took care of me on more than one occasion by throwing in extras, or putting items back that should have been sold together rather than separately as they had been set up. He also knew when to stop, and ask if a bidder was bidding on the right item, if he thought they were confused. If the crowd was tight he made sure to mention the item being bid on several times before starting. He also chattered in a way that you could understand what he was saying. Another auction company that I have had a good experience with was Ritchie Brothers, a worldwide company. They really take care of their customers, and ran a very well thought out auction here in the desert heat; shade, free cold bottled water, hats, rides to get you around the lot, and very clear auctioneers.

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