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Sean Conner Memorial (Now with photo's)

Steve Sells

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Had a wonderful time at Stan's hammer in. We assembled all we had on hand into a presentation piece, We have gotten Nothing from England nor OZ yet. I want to include them in this, so please send them Overnight or equivalent option in your POST if you have not already, because in a few weeks I will be sending the project to Glenn in W.Va, and after then it will be too late to include them

Thank You

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Last post until its finished. Tomorrow is Friday Sept 15 2011 So if you have not sent out your flowers or leaves for the Memorial, You really need to. This leaves only 10 days for post office and me to finish assembly, then deliver. Any leaves or other work that arrives after that time can not be attached, but will be sent on to the family when they arrive.

Thank you

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I have finished assembly of the memorial project and its ready for delivery. These 31 members have sent in contributions for this:

Marksnagle, Francis Cole, Bryce Masuk, Byran Brazeal, Ironclad, HWHII, 781, Phil Krankowski, Old n Rusty, Spitfirenut, Micheal Joyce, Lyle D Wynn, J W Bennett, Trying-it, Dodge, Steve Sells, Sean Sells, Redhot77, Steve McCarthy, Gaylan Veater, Vladimir Marenus, Nick builds trains, Dale Russel, Strine, Jack Smith, MT Forge, Smithy1, JohnB, Ted T, Rthibeau, Curley George

Thank you everyone it turned out well, I had more than I expected to work with, and I will post photos after Glenn and Karen receive it.

If anyone is not listed, let me, or your local post office know.

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I took a road trip and delivered it in person, Now that It has been delivered, here are some photo's. They seemed surprised at the size and detail, judge for your self.

I included a few reverse photos for those that want to see how it was assembled. Thank you all for sending in your donations, This was truly a group effort.







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The reason why I didn't make a flower for this project is because I didn't think I could make a flower that was worthwhile to be next to the other contributors. My suspicions have been confirmed. Very nice work by all involved.

Nothing personal meant here Mark, but

Something like this is not judged on the quality of the pieces, but the thoughts and sentiments held during the making of them, actions speak louder than words, its not an advert, its a tribute..
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In the 6 weeks or so since Sean's Memorial was hand delivered to our family, I have tried to look at each detail. I have tried to report back to the forum and have tried to add photos of the elements. This has proven to be a task beyond my reach until now.

First I must thank the blacksmith that could not send a leaf to be included, yet still participated in the project in a most important fashion. The craftsmanship of each element is first class. The attention to detail is beyond words. The arrangement of elements, with each element available to be seen, was wonderful. To have this made into a center piece was very appropriate, as it can be displayed easily.

To say thank you is so small a return for all your kindness, and your support of our family. The memorial now proudly sits on the hearth in front of the fireplace.

From our family to yours

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