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Catacombs picture frame

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This was a great little job and had an opportunity to design something totally new to me. The following are some sketches, progress pictures and the final result. The client had a 30″ x 40″ canvas picture and was looking to give it a decorative frame. The content of the picture was distracting at first and after meeting the client she had an attraction to skulls. Working with that, I tried to put some elegance and keep it appealing in the iron work. Thanks for reading and please contact me if you have any questions.

These are some pics of the process from conceptual to finished. About 30 hours of work and weighs in at 38 lbs.

I have a large dry erase board that I sketch on alot. If its something I want to log Ill take a pic of it. There was an idea to hang the picture of to the side so that it could be mounted in a corner, but that got knocked out.

Again a rough version of the design.

She did send me a picture of the picture. I photoshoped her pic in my drawing and made it part of the proposal. Had a couple of designs ideas that were mostly cost driven. She went with the larger of the drawings.

I had my design printed full scale and worked from it there. I could take it off the table if I needed to go back to work, but we were inbetween jobs and I was confident I could punch this out fast.

Dry fitting everything.

And the final piece.

thanks for reading! :)

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Thanks again for the feedback! They were ecstatic about it. She told me that they want to design this whole room with this theme. I mentioned I can make a table too, so we will see.

Awesome job. Very impressive.
I have a question about the frame. Is it made of tubing or solid? Solid would be very heavy (it looks to be about 1x1?)
And how (if you don't mind me asking) is the canvas picture attached?

The picture arrive mounted to a wood frame. So with that in mind, and the weight issue as well, I made a frame that was easy to assemble and held everything together. Also kept in mind that if the glass should break, or they need to take it out, to keep the dis-assembly easy. I used decorative bolts that keep everything in place.

The sides of the frame are angle iron 2"x2" leg out. The leg out allowed me to simply drill holes to attach it to the wall.

Here is a detail shot of the frame with the pic out of it. I put some decorative heads on it as well:

The top and bottom of the frame is 2" flatbar on edge and the sides are 2" angle leg out. I then trimmed out the front of the frame with a piece of 3/16" X 1" I wanted to protect the integrity of the picture if down the road they needed to remove it they could do it easily. The picture inside there is like a sandwich. You have the 3/16" X 1 flat stock trimming it out being the plane everything is pushing against. From there is the glass, the picture and on the back are some angle iron clips that are bolted to the frame. They are leg in and hold the back of the picture, giving it some pressure so things aren't loose in there. I used little felt tabs on the edges and all sides of the glass so nothing is resting directly on it.


This is looking down on the frame. Hope that helps explain it.
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love it rory - like that youve not overdone it - it WOULD make great metal album art work:) it may be a silly question, but i want to know, so will ask, how do you punch through like that on such an angle,(on that bottom piece) to make them fit so nicely...?

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