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  1. Hey there Rawtiron

    I see you are setting up a power hammer as well I am in Invercargill, Where are you you in NZ. I am setting up a 2CWT Massey hammer Im doing the foundations and will be casting my inertia block soon   Cheers Beaver


    1. rawtiron


      Hi Beaver, I'm in Palmerston North.

      Haven't got to the foundations yet as I'm going to be building another area to put it in. I've read your progress with great interest, how are you getting on?


    2. BeaverNZ


      Hi Jason

      I am just doing the tee bolts and have started redoing the boxing for the inertia block Cheers

  2. Hi, I live nearby. Sent you a PM last night. Just reply to that if you'd like to catch up. Jason
  3. I picked this up a year or 2 ago for $150. Some cleaver person decided to mount a vice to it! I can't see any markings on it and it is very chipped/pitted. Any info would be appreciated. Jason
  4. It's just a bell housing with a shaft and 2 pulleys. Dads not too keen on giving up the other one with the clutch setup. He does have other engines of that size that have clutches and gearboxes, so I'm going to see what I can adapt as this housing has the holes in it for a release fork. This came off a wind rower or combine and they had a lever to tension the belt which might work too. Do you have any photos of the flat belt setup Alan?
  5. Picked up the engine today, turns out its a 55hp. Finished cleaning the tup up and refitted it to check the clearances, 0.009"- 0.011" with a feeler blade up the side, throughout the bore, top and bottom of the tup, without the guide wedge in place. And the piston has 0.016". Seems good for the 0.001" per inch rule. Jason
  6. Thanks guys. I found this article just now. http://www.olddominionblacksmith.com/uploads/forged_rockdrill_bits.pdf Just heading out to practice my one handed golf swing. Jason
  7. That's great, thanks everyone. So if the bits were feet long, how was this used? We're the forged tips attached afterwards? Jason
  8. I picked this up with some power hammer tooling last month. The guy gave this one to me and has several others like it in different sizes, larger then this. It'll probably be obvious once someone id's it....... Any information would be appreciated. Thank you, Jason
  9. How are you holding up over there Alan? Looks like you're going to need to crank the fire up.... Jason
  10. Sorry to hear that Alan, I was oblivious to it all over here. I've just been online to check it all out, bit of a mess you've got! You certainly appreciate having insurance at times like this. Jason
  11. Here's what I've got......... Flywheel has 105 teeth Motor gear has 21 teeth 105 / 21 = 5 5 x 150 bpm/rpm (as per that good blokes spec sheets) = 750 motor rpm Sound right? I think so....
  12. The motor plate looks to have been removed a long time ago, but I'll have a measure up and see what I come up with. I'm a fair way off getting all this set up as I have a pile of hardwood poles in the way, to be used on other projects around the property and some earthworks to be done, but it's good to get everything together and ready for when the time comes. Thanks, Jason
  13. Looks like I can get that hyspin 100 here ok. I've sent Mike an email regarding his engine so look forward to hearing from him. Bit of an update......... I spoke to the 2nd owner of the hammer the other day (I bought it off the third) and he has the motor mounting plate and is looking for the original manual. He put a tender in for it when the Napier Hatbour Board closed their workshops, it was used for repairs to the dredge creating the harbour itself. He said this was 25 odd years ago and he used to have it sitting on display in his shed, then parked it outside when the shed was used for other things. So it's sat idle for a long time. I have also scored a 1960s 47hp International Harvester petrol engine from my father who collects this stuff (IHC only). It was used to power a combine harvester and is fitted with a large V belt pulley. It's got a stuck valve and needs a few minor things to get it going by the look of it and its fitted with a radiator and 12v electric start. Any idea what rpm the electric motors run at? Just to give me a starting point. Jason
  14. Maybe I've got this wrong/misunderstood Ian...... My first thought when you said 'disc' was to make it slightly smaller dia than the cover and tig braze it on the outside and drill the holes through it and blend it in. I've got up to 6mm plate lying around. That would not work with the thickness half the dia rule. Can you please explain it further for me. Thank you, Jason
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