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  1. When I have made dishing stumps for armour work I first roughed out my depression(in the end grain of a log) with a wood chisel.Then took my dishing hammer and hammered the depression deeper making it smoother as well.Quick and easy....and safer than the chainsaw attachment.I suggest a hardwood,and not pine or anything else with sap.
  2. Brilliant production work from all aspects Owen!! The Jantz catalog paper for the fire was a great detail. :D
  3. I like it! Thanks for sharing.
  4. A nice blend of function and elegance.Great job!
  5. Beautiful ,(as always) in their ruggedness/functinality.
  6. Great job!!....I think the Dark Knight would love it too!
  7. That is a real beauty!! It has a strong presence just from the photo.....I bet its even better holding it.
  8. Perhaps you could do an acid or saltwater etch to define your different areas? Then you could come back and treat the different areas as you want them.
  9. In my opinion most blueing looks better on polished metal. There are many brands of cold blueing and they all seem a little different in their final look(depending on prep,application,etc.).You can also get a great blue(s) just with heat.I have done this in a standard oven....though I can't recall the exact temperature(s) off the top of my head.If I were to try this myself,I would wire brush as you described,then heat to the blue I wanted. Finally,I would mask the blue that I wanted to keep and wire brush again to remove the blueing in areas I did not want blue.I think the same could be done with cold blueing as well,but it may be a bit tougher than the heat blue to remove.
  10. Yep,looks like a good sized vise.Congrats! Does it have a flat spring and a coil spring?
  11. Cool blade profile and I really like the pommel!
  12. Thanks for the compliments everyone!! As far as construction,I cut the back and the mounting tab on a beverly shear.I bent the tab into a "U" shape then welded it and the striker plate(where the spike head hits) from the back with plug welds.Not very rustic construction,but it made it a little cleaner looking. Hmm...I just looked at the picture a little closer.This was made several years back. I must have welded on the front too,for the mounting tab.Then radiused the welds to hide my less than stellar welding. :rolleyes: .
  13. I've made several knives and bottle openers also windancer. This door knocker is the only photo I can find of something different i've made other than those.
  14. Great job dancho!!.... and thanks for the photos.