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Tim McCoy's wife in the hospital


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I got an email from Tim McCoy letting me know that his wife Harriet is in the hospital. I won't go into details, other than to say it isn't going to be a fun stay for either of them.

I met Tim through IFI, and we have become friends over the past year. I myself am not a religious person, but I know many of you are, as well as Tim.

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Thanks for the prayers and good wishes from all of you and a special thanks to BIGGUNDOCTOR for his posting - my wife Harriet has had diabetes 35 years now and has all the challenges that go with that, previous heart attacks, stroke, seizures and so on. Too many complications for most procedures - even died at the doctors office several years ago and he and I had to do CPR until ambulance arrived - she made it through that one. She has never complained about her lot in life. Last Thursday nite she had a really tough time and asked to have an ambulance take her in Friday morning ... EKG says she had a heart attack on Thursday. She's been in hospital since then while they got her stabilized. She is scheduled for angiogram and maybe a stint installation if there is enough to work with this next Monday.

My wife has been my "striker" for a lot of years , not in the steel forge, but in the more important stuff called life. She couldn't swing a real hammer if she had to, but she is always on the other side of the anvil in spirit if not in fact. For those of you that have long term relationships you know what I mean. We remain hopeful that God will grant us just a little more time ... and a few more swings!

Again, thanks for your good thoughts and prayers - we know that they help!

Tim McCoy

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Hi All,
My wife Harriet is home now. Doc says that there is no procedure or electric equipment that will solve the problem - 70% of heart is dead. Instructions to her were to go home and live like a princess. She could last one day or five years, just depends. So she is at home and taking her meds and resting. It is a miracle that she made it through this - we know that your prayers and good thoughts helped - more than many of you may know.

Many of us fight health issues or live with those who do. I am proud to know all of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support!!

God Bless you all
Tim McCoy

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I have both sympathy and empathy for you and your wife. I also care for my wife and do not know what time line we are dealing with. I do find consolation in knowing that our lives are in Gods hands and that we trust him. There is a song that says that he can calm the storm but sometines he calms the child.

I pray that you both find peace and enjoy the blessings of life no matter how small. I also pray that your wife is healed because nothing is impossible for God. This is a tough time for you both but you can overcome it.

Keep us posted. If you need anything don't be shy about asking. We are our brothers keeper.


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