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Finally got one done!


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Mompy cannot answer that in a few hours of typing..However there are some things you can research,,one is at the top of this thread named new knife maker. The two books you need are fifty dollar knife shop by Wayne Goddard and the complete bladesmith by James Hrousilas, You can likely get your local library to Inter library lend them for you. Then look at each and every post on this site for questions and answers thatr will help you out. Then of course you need information on steels and how to heat treat, that information is on this site also.

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Thanks for all the kind words and comments. Richard hit the nail on the head by suggesting Wayne's and Jim's books. I would like to suggest two DVDs as well. One is by Tim Lively "Knifemaking Unplugged" and the other is "Knifemaking with William White." If you are just staring out those are four great soures of knowledge and will answer tons of questions you might have. Don't forget to prepare to outlay alot of sweat and elbow grease as well. And if failure is something that sways you from your goal, do not proceed. If I had a dime for everytime I screwed up...I'd have a boat load of dimes

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