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    workin with my hands and watching the footy
  1. Will do phil I'm lookin forward to meeting yous all
  2. Haha no worries I'll let yas know,I haven't been before so I'll probably just go as an unwashed general public but I'll bring my wife she is washed so there's a bonus
  3. What about unqualified blacksmiths or the (backyard blacksmiths) are they invited too or do we need to be segregated?
  4. That is bloody great work,I love it the blade looks flawless and the sheath Is inspiring well done
  5. Onya scrappy looks a treat ,your a legend I look forward to seein it in person
  6. Whirly that's stuff is awesome mate I wish I got presents like that
  7. Thanks pjh & ironman for your compliments now I have a list of lady's wanting one all family of course so I won't make any Money out of makin em till the family's orders are over
  8. They would be so touched mate you nailed it but sounds like there's a fair bit more work on the install but it will all be worth it when the last tacs done,spiders I will allow to call it home, rust adds character but if anyone vandalizes this peice i will personally drive out there and kick some ass,let us know when she's installed I'm gonna bring the wife & kiddies out to see it in person.
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