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  1. Good nigth! thank you my friend. Lone forge good night! I appreciate your words. Thanks.
  2. Those are nice work en progress!
  3. Hi folks! At this time I want share with you a modify bushcraft for a good client; the design is something among 2 bushcraft and a hunter. - Steel: O1, 3/16" - AOL: 24 cms. -Cutting part: 11 cms. - Height: 3 cms - Scales: G10 olive drab, black fiber, and brass pins. - Sheath: leather hand stitch
  4. oh man you really get a nice damascus steel.
  5. Amazing and unbelievable! That one video is one of my favorite, that man is really a master bladesmith.
  6. Lone forge Good night! Thank you for see my work. Hi Alicia! Nice to read you like it. greeting Stormcrow good night! thank you I appreciate your words.
  7. Oh man! That hunter is spectaculer, I like it very much nice works.
  8. Thank you, my friend just was looking for a san-mai kiridashi just elemental and well I just did it. Hi man! nice to read you like the knife and about the weld a good well is one of the must important things in a san-mai. The steel I use was core 5160 and sides 1018; I forge weld it in a gas forge I worked the steel to 1250°C for weld it and later to 800°C That is a good link, I like it and thank you for share it.
  9. Good morning gals ans boys! It´s been a long time without post something, but this is my last one san-mai kiridashi for a good friend. -Oal: 21 cms - Steels: 5160 and 1018 -Thikness: 7 mm -Sheath: leather. Best regards. Jose Guadalupe
  10. oh man! That blade is really nice I like it so much.
  11. wow I love this pocket knife, is really great.
  12. Good forged shape, but you will must show it us finished
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