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Ok....I forged this out a little while ago and it curved like crazy in yaki ire...Well,it held together and now I got the thing polished and mounted and "all together" it doesn't look all THAT curved. Nagasa is 27 1/4" ish.. the sori is just a smidge under 1 1/2" which is a LOT but doesn;t look all that much like a cavalry sabre like I was thinking it would...

Tsuka length is 11 1/4" OAL: 39 1/8".. Shinogi-Zukuri, no Hi... Which is unusual for me cause I think they make he blade look "finished".

The hamon I was going for was Notare but I botched it..a "design change" as they say...more like Gunome now I got it showing..sigh...Hey if it was easy everybody would be doing it right??

Mounted in a lion motif with black samegawa under some of that very so hard
to find black and gold chevron weave silk ito...Tsuka is curved to match
the blade sori as best as I could...

Now I got to figure out how to do the siya...I am thinking black same and the rest in gold leaf under black cracked lacquer....I am getti8ng pretty good at that stuff..

hope the pic goes through


post-71-031664400 1285550000_thumb.jpg

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