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  1. I have his video on how to make japanese fittings, been tossin' around the idea of making an easter styled blade for a while but I'm still on the fence. If you're interested in the vid I have let me know.
  2. Murry Carter is the 17th generation Yoshimoto master Swordsmith, he spent almost 2 decades in japan learning formal swordsmithing under a master swordsmith. The ABS Master certification came afterwards if I'm not mistaken.
  3. One's a Sabre, the Other is a broadsword, their applications in combat are slightly different. One is a slasher, the other is a cutter, neither are really meant for stabbing. generally speaking Katanas are sharper...., but the blunt force of the long sword makes up for that fact (you can find youtube vids of both swords cutting through tatami mats with relatively the same end result). To each his own I'd say. I prefer the Katana, i feel like it takes less physical energy to wield and cause the same degree of bodily harm as the long sword.
  4. just my $.02, but murray carter has some pretty good stones on his site
  5. I'm game if anyone wants to get together sometime...
  6. I stay in lafayette... about 45 minutes away, I'd love to hook up with some other smiths
  7. where can I get this at ( and how much)? That would make awesome inlays
  8. I know there isn't an exact science to tell a person when they are ready to take on the task of swordsmithing but I still want to ask. I've been bladesmithing for a year now and have made a couple dozen knives or so or various sizes and styles and I've learned or at least attempted different methods of heat treating and tempering and have more or less been successful (only destroyed 4 knives so far lol). I've made a couple of large items (more like medium sized things like machetes) but no actual swords.I'm also an apprentice smith for the ABS and rely on the plethora of collective knowledge a
  9. I am a member of the ABS and I my self am an law enforcement officer. I use my self made knives for my personal defense. I wouldn't mind doing a video of this knife in testing, I just wont bend it lol. I aim for abs performance standards with all my knives and hopefully this one will cut the mustard as well. But it is a far cry from a finished product at the moment so only time will tell. I appreciate the concern and value our opinions. I hope this WIP will meet your expectations as well when finished.
  10. Working on a knife for a friend who's going to iraq next month. Figured I'd post a few pics before the project was finished. Currently refining the fittings to make them flush with each other, then I gotta install a butt-cap. Anyway, let me know what you think. Blade is made of an old file.
  11. Bonjour from Louisiana

  12. I think they are referring to the casting process i.e. pouring the molten iron into a mold rather then Cast iron. I don't believe Cast iron (iron with a carbon content of 6.00% or higher) is forgable and would definitely have no practical use as am impact weapon let alone a sword.
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