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  1. thanks, for the input guys, trying to figure out how im going to get back into smitthing once i get out of the army, ill be going to college so i won't be able to live out in the boonies anymore, trying to think of something i could maybe keep at my parents place or set up behind a rental in a more residential area
  2. This is my first post in a long time and i was just wondering if anyone had tried just buying a shipping container and turning it into a shop, seems like with both sides open there would be plenty of ventilation, my only worry would be that constant vibrations going through the whole metal structure would deafen you
  3. i've been stationed here in bamberg for about a month now and with this piled on top of basic and AIT im really starting to miss the forge. are there any german smiths here near bamberg? i'd really apreciate it
  4. i just completed my basic and AIT with the army... im home on leave but will be stationed in bamberg germany. are there any smiths in that area on here... oh yeah... and it's good to be back
  5. i actually saw this video a while back and have made a few roses useing the guidlelines intailed in it. so if the person who posted the video on here is the same person who made it i thank you very much, i've made quite a few of the ladies around here happy with them :D
  6. simple as that, show us your first smithed knife, as rough as they are they're always interesting. i guess starting the thread makes it obligatory to post mine, so here it is
  7. wells if you lived near me you could check ACME industrial surplus, they've always got large sheets of spring steel in at hand.
  8. I LIKE IT!! it's always more satisfying to use tools you've made yourself, even if they take more time. when you make stuff yourself the little flaws become quirks that you wouldn't do without.
  9. monger coal and oil in virginia, they have pocohantis vein "blacksmithing coal"
  10. so cool... yet absolutely no clue what it is (other than a knife)
  11. just wow... i equally like them both :P
  12. yeah it's boiled. anybody else try anything like this? i heard it gives almost a stabilized durablitity to the wood (not quite but almost)
  13. so i was looking at different ways to treat handles for knives and found one that i like. simply soak your handle blanks in linseed oil for about 1- 1/2 weeks then let dry. i've got a few of the cheaper blanks that i am trying this out on first. (cocablo, olivewood, and cheap black and white ebony cutoffs) at the end of their soak ill post pics of how they turned out and if they seem to have any wierd side effects.
  14. i actually really like the little bit of pitting on that third one... did you do this on purpose?
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