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Circular Saw Motor....can I use it to build a buffer?

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You could use it for a while, but the metal dust from its use will eventually kill the motor, but its only $3so how long does it need to last to be worth the effort is your call, I would go for it. if a guess is 4000, then most likely in US at 60Hz 3450RPM at 50 Hz 2850Hz

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Go to a thrift store and buy some ladies' nylon stokings. Pull one of them over the motor. This does an excellent job of keeping the motor innards clean without blocking air-flow for cooling.

If you are embarrassed about buying such an item, have your wife or sister or someone get them for you.

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couple of things ...for what its worth.... they are not made for torsional loads.. so the bearings are eventually going to give out..

the spindle may or may not have a left hand thread.. depends on how the saw is built... for lefty or righty and motor orientation... but not made to take a blade much over 3/16" thick... so it needs a thin buffer or pulley to run something else...

also the motor probably not made for continuous duty...

and how are you going to hold it steady to something?

how do I know these things?

I have blown up 1 thrift store saw that way... fire extinguiser and electrical fire blown up...

but if its what you got .. go with it and be careful!! remember not to let the smoke out of the motor ..

good luck and post pics of your finished "machine of doom"

PS like the pantyhose trick.. will have to try that...

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I have a 1/6 hp motor on my 1x42 inch belt, it is _slightly_ underpowered, but is hard to stall. I do not plan to replace the motor at this time, mainly because it is working properly and serves my needs the way it is. If this motor goes bad I am going to 1/3 or 1/2 horse.


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Buffers, and grinders can be had inexpensively. Even though I dislike Chinese items, my friend has beat the crap out of one of those $9.99 4" HF grinders, and it was still running last I saw it. I got a buffer I will sell ya for $5. Garage sales, flea markets,Craigslist, etc. A lot of tools are being sold to pay the bills now. As far as I am concerned it isn't wort the time, and effort. And this comes from a guy who can squeeze a penny so tight I give Lincoln a headache.

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