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It's a long time since I posted a new thread on IFI!

Nine weeks ago I paid for my An Yang. I was told delivery would be 1 month. I am still waiting! I have just been asked for my address in Chinese characters which is information I sent about a month ago. I have also been told that An Yang are moving to new premises next week. How that makes any difference to an order placed 9 weeks ago is not explained!

I hope that there isn't a problem but I thought I should let other people know about the difficulties I am having.

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Phillip, I will look into this for you. I understand that they were moving into their new facility and that is a huge task and may explain the delay. I was over there and toured the new factory under construction... it is huge. If you get a chance, it would be worthwhile to visit them and see their operation. I am sure there will be no problem getting your new hammer and that you will be happy with it.

I will let you know when they get back to me...

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A big hitter in blacksmithing has very kindly sorted things out for me. Anyang have now (Tuesday 22nd) promised me it will be shipped in 3 days (which I interpret to mean on Friday 25th). I am sure it will all work its way through in due course. The only thing is I have a friend coming out on 26th and I had hoped to be able to let him have a go with the machine. That looks less and less likely now but that isn't their fault!

I think the best thing is I will post to this thread when she arrives and then it is perhaps best if the thread is removed as I wouldn't want it to do any damage to the reputation of AnYang.

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It has arrived. With the steel base it is almost a ton so I got a guy with a diesel forklift to get her into the shop then used the pallet truck to get it to exactly where it needs to be. I am going to think about it for quite a while before I actually start casting the plinth and anchoring it down. I want to have it where it will be best. I do NOT want to end up moving the beast again.

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I think I might try to get it running just as it is. I will make the base but whilst that is curing perhaps I will run it to do a bit of light work. The base recommended by Anyang is truly massive- more than I intend to use- but I suppose that that is designed for constant heavy running in a factory rather than occasional light work.

When I saw the thing on the truck I must admit I wondered for a few minutes whether I had got too much hammer and whether a smaller one might have been more appropriate- but the feeling soon wore off!

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