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  1. Hello good people I just picked up an old wilton square wheel grinder for a song. It has been out in the weather some and the contact wheel serrated tire has loosened from the aluminum wheel. I tried "goop" which, after curing for 24hrs. held for about 2 minutes. I sprayed 3m super 77 on both cleaned abraded surfaces and no go. Any suggestions out there? thanks
  2. james gonzalez


    old fisher. My first anvil. about the same shape when i got mine too. mine was cast with a tool steel face. not the ideal anvil, but i made plenty of money on it before i upgraded.
  3. Well, this is the first I have read of striker company's apparent demise. I have an #88 and the think works beautifully. Too bad.
  4. 50 # Little Giant blacksmiths trip hammer, Craigslist Boston, Mass
  5. ps is that shipping container for painting or blasting and do you ride all those cruisers parked on top?
  6. Well, these days it is a good thing to be nimble. Many larger outfits dedicated to a narrower field of product are hurting right now. If you can weld up a bronze wine rack one day, taper jackhammer bits the next and forge a colonial era reproduction latch on friday, you might just be o.k. That is a real nice shop, by the way.
  7. Americans might now have the means to accumulate machine tools because the United States was once a center of industry. Manufacturing does not appear to be a substantial portion of the country's economy anymore. The tools that helped the country attain it's position in the world are now relics, appreciated by few. I love old machines for their aesthetics and also because I can make money with them. Tool lust is something I have suffered from. Older smiths I have known at some point stop buying toys. They know what they like to make and they have all they need to make it. Having a small urban shop is one way to control tool lust.
  8. Looks professional. Did you mill them out? What is the product they are designed to produce?
  9. Ladies and Gents As the how to book by mr Batson arrived yesterday I am about to commence work on a hydraulic press. I have not decided yet to go with C or H frame nor have I come to a decision on whether to have the cylinder above or below. I intend to use this thing mostly for slitting drifting and stamping. I have the power hammer for drawing. Opinions?
  10. I would be interested in seeing pictures of your unit. I would like do build a ribbon burner type forced air propane forge to replace my worn out venturi burner type unit.
  11. I would say there is probably little substantial difference between the Striker and Anyang hammers at this point. I have never used an Anyang. At the time, when I was in the market for a new better hammer and had the funds available, the reviews on the Anyang were spotty. I had the opportunity to try out a working Striker in person at Cassidy Brothers Workshop and was satisfied that this machine would fit my needs as indeed it has. As far as the origin of this machine, SGropp, I admit my research efforts were weak. I could have delved deeper into the reality of it. Aside from this machine, most all equipment in my shop is second hand American made. I cannot guarantee that my circa 1930 bandsaw, for instance, was not manufactured under the most humane circumstances any more than you can your Beaudry. That said, buying equipment new says something different. One is essentially saying with dollars that the conditions under which the equipment was manufactured are morally acceptable. I appreciate you raising this point, I hope others consider it when shopping for machinery. Hofi, I do not understand your muffler plan clearly, can you draw it or take a picture? Thanks
  12. It's the noise of the pistons cycling in idle between heats that I would like to reduce. The striker is basically an anyang with a slightly heavier frame casting. The exhaust port is down low and behind the flywheel. Not much clearance. I like the hose idea.
  13. Hi all I have a striker #88. A good hammer but it runs a little loud in my small shop. Does anyone know how I might quiet her down a little?
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