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  1. I once moved a 400kg section roller in the back of my Citroen 300 miles home, the same car has carried TIG welders, anvils,gas and coal forges, now my daughter carries my grandson around in it. The funniest cargo I heard of was my son's cycling coach won a pig at a track meeting, he put it squealing onto the rear seat of his car, (the boot/trunk) was full of his bikes. When he got home he opened the rear door, yes you guessed, the pig jumped out and ran away, leaving a stinking mess on the back seat.
  2. It has given me some ideas :D I like that word "scarecase"
  3. Over here it is sometimes called split phase.I run my big welder on it, 2x240volt= 480volt. Gets confusing, I also have single( 240 volt) and 3 phase 415 volt.
  4. Or maybe a thin slitting disc in an angle grinder, at least to get it started.
  5. The very process of sandblasting gives you an etched finish on steel, but different media has differing profiles, ranging from very abrasive silicon carbide to the softest like bicarbonate of soda, but no media will give you a polished finish by sandblasting, although glass beads will give a peened finish and not etched. If you intend to polish it then use the softest / lowest profile media that would prepare / clean the surface for polishing by mechanical means or electro polishing is brilliant for stainless. I have designed and manufactured small blast pressure pots for the smaller workshop compressors and restorers for nearly 30 years and this is a common question.
  6. Thanks to all for the replies.I know it is a mundane subject, unfortunately we don't have a vegetable oil in spray form here, so I got a selection of products from my local welding supplier. Favourite so far is a "Tip-Dip" waxy consistency which melts onto hot shroud and tip. One dip/hour does the job for me, sorted.
  7. Is Pam a spray on vegetable oil? We don't have it over here but I can look for something similar, or try Vapour- rub. ta.
  8. Back in the day when most anti-spatter spray was solvent based, it would keep my mig shroud and tip pretty much slag free, or at least easy to clean. Nowadays this water based stuff keeps my workpiece spatter free but is useless for the gun, tip and shroud. I know of tins that you can stick "it" in, and there are still sprays. What is your favourite?? I might not be able to get it over here, but being self employed I don't get out much, all advice appreciated. :)
  9. here is vaughn's price list for new anvils (brooks) http://anvils.co.uk/products/view/56?cat=12
  10. We have a saying in Scotland, especially as a toast for the New Year, Here's tae us, Wha's like us, Gae few And they're a' deid. Goodbye Grant, make some noise for us in ValHalla.
  11. Tae yin and all "Lang may your lum reek"
  12. I have wasted over 2 hours trying to post photos, I have given up. Apologies.
  13. That video going up the hill at the festival just made my day. I used to fancy the idea until I discovered I was a better race engineer than a driver. I hope it was JJ driving. The hammer video was very atmospheric as well, lovely.