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quad state

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Generally a lot of folks from the net, the old keenjunk---now forgemagic crew, will get together in a campsite and have a potluck, show and tell, etc. One sad year we held the toast for Paw Paw there.

I plan to drive in from New Mexico; but unfortunately will probably arrive on Thursday evening.

We may have to plan to have a Banner or something to identify the group. I of course will have my disreputable red hat as fair warning to others!

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I went ot the link posted above
Unfortunately I have already wathced all of the demonstrators except the hawk demonstrator.
Of course this will not stop my attending as just the tailgating and BSing is worth he trip
See ou there.
Look for me riding a bicycle with a 427# Peter Wrong anvil
roger degner

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They are mine
I made 3 anvils and a swage block
Gave one to a local group who auctioned it off for less than I would sell one for. One or the other has been pictured in a lot of blacksmith newsletters with some one holding it.

Try to get the woman or kids to pick it up in the tailgate area.
Every once in a while some one will ask if they can carry it to the truck can they have it. Of course you know the answer because a little kid can carry it.

The largest one is made from 22 gauge sheet and the smaller one 18 gauge.

Couple years ago someone showed it to Mr Postman and he said it did not have Peter Wright feet whick is OK because they are marked PETER WRONG

Stop by and have your picture taken
I go to about 17 conferences a year so they get around.
You would think everyone had saw them by now but can always fool some one.

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There was the year that a fellow had taken a plastic traffic cone and cut off the base and painted it to look like a cast iron smithing cone. Or the balsa wood sledgehammer. And of course PTree's hats...

MOB did a flaming anvil sign one year---anvil outline made from copper tubing and plumbed for propane---looked like a neon sign from across camp. Then we did the ASO propane stove....

Quite a bit of smithing "jokes" show up at Quad-State.

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IN resopnse to the ? about the DVDs I dont ussally talk about them here but will bring them with. Close to 170 of them now. Need to get the new ones listed on the web site as it has been a buisy year going to conferences.

As for Clay Spencer.
Saw him at Pontiac, IL a coupe weeks ago. He was wearing a pink ABANA T-shirt and Clifton Ralph asked him about it and Clay said he bought a case of them.
I remember the morning he saw his hammer pink and he did not look too happy but seems to have gone with the flow quite nicely.
Clay is the man for tooling under a Treadle hammer or power hammer.
He has helped 100s of smiths go from just a hand hammer to foot or mechanical power.

Not sure if we will get there Wed night or Thursday night
Nathan Robertson has vollunteered some space in his trailer if I get carried away with the tailgate purchases. The problem is he probably has told that to a dozen other also.

I have converted some of the Pill punches to hot steel punches from two years ago tail gate but havent used any of the race car axels.
Now if I would just make a list of the letter stamps I am missing and put it in the van to have when I get there to complete a few sets.

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Is the quad state open to everybody? If so, is there a fee to get in n how much is it??

Im currently staying in Troy while I attend Hobart Institute of Welding Technologies. Im about a 10 minute drive from the fairgrounds and would love to attend. Plus, I would like to become a member of SOFA so I can get some hammer time in while Im at school because since I moved, I had to put my equipment away for a while.


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I will be there set up with a forge lit and demonstrating some of Mike's tooling like usual...this year there is something fresh out of the R&D dept. of Mike's brain and machine shop too...

You can also hear Roger D.(781) a mile a way...."Blacksmith Videos...5 dollars...."

Anyone there look for the "Yesteryear School of Blacksmithing" and "Blacksmith Guild of Virginia" banner. I will be there. Come by and see me.....it will be good to see some of you again and meet new guys and gals too!


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Just wondering as to the size of this event.Possibly of thinking of making the trip from MN. to show our benders in the tailgate area or sell in the vendor area.We have been to the ABANA conferences in Wisconsin and Kentucky.Met alotve nice people.I remember seeing cash jars on the table,if you wanted an item and no one was there take and pay the jar.Not many places this would work.I must say what you guys can do with a hammer and fire is remarkable.

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