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Forge Hood

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Hey all... Just wondering, what would be better...A pre-fab forge hood, or a hand made, or is there really any difference?

May be irrelevvant... Lemme know please!

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Most forge hoods i've seen are made to fit the forge a person is using and the situation they are working in. The big item in any forge hood is that it draw properly.
It is usually cheaper to build than buy unless you can find used.
Of course building assumes that you have the tools and the skills.

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Mine is hand made... scrap angle and sheet metal salvaged from an old storage bin.

Works great. Cost = 0.00 (except for a few welding rods)

I could have had one made that might look better, but it couldn't work any better.

Besides, something that looks nice would look completely out of place around my junk.

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I'm with Frosty. I like my side draft.
Mine is a 10in. x 10in. x 30 in. pressure washer casing for the horizontal part
The vertical part is just some 10in. round stove pipe. Works great.

There are more pics in my gallery.
The only construction I had to do was to use some sheet metal screws to attach the horizontal section to the vertical section.

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Side draft has my vote too. I have an overhead, and have used side drafts, no comparison. Side draft wins hands down.

I agree 100% with Jeff on this subject, side draft is the way to go. I had an over head now I have a side draft , the side draft DRAWS SO MUCH BETTER than the over head.
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Sure am glad this thread was started. Thank you Keltio. I have a 10' x 10' (approx.) log building that I have my forge in. It's over 100 years old and was built by my great grandfather as a blacksmith shop. As of yet no hood. Been thinking about building one but wasn't sure how I wanted it. Now with no hood smoke isn't to bad after the fire is going good. There is alot of cracks so a natural draft of sorts takes most of the smoke out. I get a bunch of ash that doesn't make it out. My question is does a hood or side draft get rid of some of the ash? After all that you guys on here have said I'm been figuring on a side draft of some sort. Am hoping I can Jimmie Rig one some how.

Jayco, I like yours.
Thanks again

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