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Thanks guys, glad you like it. For those curious about the finish: It is an odd mix of simple techniques. First paint mate black your whole sanded,ground or brushed piece.Let dry well for a few days and sand, or grind smoothly over surface to highlight texture. Apply marine varnish with a brush and don`t mind if the coat is thick. This`ll give a yellowish glassy finish with depressions darker of course due to black left in. Don`t use thinner with varnish as it may pull some black and give you a brownish tone instead of a gold glassy one. Let dry real well (preferably for a few days), and apply rusty tones like reddish, mustard,etc dubbing them all over, half mixing them not to get and homogeneous color, let this dry a bit so you would only need a lightly damp cloth with gasoline to wipe the color off, leaving crannies, and depression with that rusty mix. This last step will be up to your taste in regards to have much rustiness you leave, in my case I think about something between 10-15 % left, the eye meter will tell you. Don`t use thinner to wipe it off or you may slightly soften varnish coat, and even get to mix some black in. The varnish I`m using gives a shiny yellowish tone which is the key to this finish. Sounds complicated? No, it`s easy. Enjoy discovering...Nelson

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Steve, almost forgot I had checked your site and you make some beautiful looking knives. Damascus yields outstanding patterns. Definetely would like to give it a try someday, and wonder if the same technique could be employed using thicker stock like 1/2" thick plate. I`d guess it`s possible, just a matter of scale huh. The reason I thought about such possibility is that some bigger damascus stock may be used for sculpture elements. Sorry if this sounds wacky! nelson.

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