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Alcoline as a flux

Damascus Mike

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Saw an 80 blacksmith from Canada forge weld using a oxy propane rosebud and barn lime.
There is two types of lime slacked and unslacked
One has water and one not.
He said the wrong one a bag and a 55 gal barrel of water was enough to get rid of a body
He started blacksmithng in Germany just after WW2 and said there they ground up bricks as flux
Personaly I use anhydrous borax I buy in 60# bags from a chemical warehouse and then sell at conferences by the #

Last month tried to set the shop on fire when I had two bags of shreaded paper too close to the power hammer. When I wacked the billet the flux sprayed out and onto the bags. Yesterdays pants and shirt got little burn holes from not wearing and apron also. It really sprays but that is getting rid of the oxide which is what we want.

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Lime is not as active a flux as borax. Borax runs me less than $10 a year, fuel for the forge usually runs me a dollar or two an hour. I could walk to town for free but I sure would rather drive even though it takes money---and I'm nortoriously cheap. I mean Frugal...

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Mike, threads start with a question and go from there. Many times they stay close to the subject at hand, other times they change direction completely. This is why we use the search engines, to find the material we are interested in no matter where it is located.

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IForgeIron has 3 search engines, one for the opening / home page, one for the forum, and one for the gallery. Each engine searches just that one area, and each gives different results for the same search criteria.

Each search engine has the quick search feature, or you can click on the advanced search feature and refine and narrow your query.

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