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  1. Just dont go splitting that Burch by hand or you wont have any energy to make ant thing
  2. The first fuel I ever used was tree bark from my anvil stump. I burnt the first piece of steel I tried to work. and my tiny little forge is only 6" wide cast iron pot with a hole in the side of it and a home made red brick based refractory
  3. I have over heated my work using just tree bark. So you can use a lot of different types of fuel.
  4. where are you in Oregon I'm moving there this summer
  5. there are a lot of videos of induction heating on you tube
  6. Blacksmith Powertrip Hammer I forgot the link
  7. ust found this on Craig's list in Oregon I hope I can get it when I move up to the area in the summer . And hopefully I can find someone to give me some help to repair it up there to.
  8. doe's any one know it jipsum would work as a flux
  9. id say use a clay to line the outside pipe and take it about half to one inch past the end of the pipe
  10. you will not get a virus from Google and if your that worried about them just switch to Linux.
  11. old rebar is high in carbon some new stiff isnt all that low carbon too
  12. he told me he sold his first one for 45 or 50 I didn't even know he had 2 untill he told me if only I had known.
  13. what about lime or shellstone I can get both of them for free
  14. Ok I got a new post vice this morning for only $60 in good shape for the most part but the spring doesn't work. It's made from an old file. other then that and some miner rust and the leg is bent some its in almost new shape. I will have pics up in the next day or two. :D