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  1. Here's what made for my fab/welding table. Designed it so it an be removed.if I need the space
  2. yeah I'm thinking about attaching it to my striking anvil. I have a piece of 2 in plate thats 6x14 I'm gonna put a hardy and pritchel hole in (don't think I can put one in the big anvil). I have a piece of rr track I'm now thinking of using for my horn. If someone is interested in that 4in round stock I have and lives in Washington state. They can have it for free. not sure how much it weighs I guess there's a formula on the internet.
  3. I have a block of hardend 537 steel I'm using for a anvil. I want to put a horn on it. I've never welded that type of steel and I don't want to ruin the temper of the anvil. its pretty massive, about 400 lbs, and has a 14x5 in face. I also have a piece of 4in round about 12 inches long im gonna grind into a horn. Now my question is, will it work? If anyone has any suggestions please, I'm willing. Oh yeah its about 20in high
  4. I made a piece for the top of my plasma table to bring it level with the main table. But Thomas is right i may re position it so it's level when it's extended
  5. well I ended up tacking the cross bars to the frame clamped them good and had very minimal warpage( i think thats a word) . Put the plasma table on the end w hinges so it folds out of the way when not in use. I'm able to clamp things square and flat now. I also put a receiver for my vice so it's also removable when I need a flat surface
  6. I'm looking for some advice. I got this great table frame and need to put a top on it. Can't afford to put a decent solid steel plate on it so I decided to use rectangular tube. my question is should I weld the tube on or bolt it. It's 1x3x.060. a little lighter then I was hoping to get but the price was right. 60.00 compared to over 200.00. the frame can support thousands of pounds and maybe when I go back to work I'll change it to something more sturdy. I'm putting a plasma table on one end and a pull out shelf for my chopsaw on the other. as you can see my little workshop is very full of st
  7. Well.....first try getting out of the truck....not so good. All I managed to do was tip it over...shoot.. now I have a 550 lb pancake that is no longer on the pallet aaaaannnnd still in the bed of my xxxxx truck!!!. So I gotta re-think this process. The magnetic lifting eye won't be here til nov 5th. I guess I could back up real fast slam on the brakes and hope it doesn't destroy my tailgate and bumper although I don't think I can build up enough speed to do it. No not really..... just a little frustrated right now. Gonna look at it tomorrow. I might weld a eye on it. Use a lever and fulcrum t
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