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  1. 20x14x5. Pretty darn close. Not sure about the weight but probably close there too.
  2. yeah I've been thinking the stand is a little undersized. However I like having a tripod to support it. my shop floor is not very level and the 3 points of contact make it pretty stable. the anvil is so tall that the stand is only 11 in high. I made the angle on the legs 11° probably should have gone 15°. I need to be able to put it away when I'm doing other projects, so came up with a way to attach wheels to it and a handle when I need to move it. I can cut pretty nice circles with my plasma cutter. maybe weld 5 in circles to the bottom of the legs. I have a piece of 3/4"×6"×4' cold rolled steel i could cut them out of. I'd fill the legs w sand but their so short i don't think it would make a difference. I'm not sure how hard it is. but I'm thinking about milling a dovetail on the side to add a horn or a hardy hole. I have a piece of steel for a striking anvil 2"×8"×14" just need to machine a 1" round hole into a 1" square hole. gonna try to do it on my mill. I have a 1/8" carbide mill then get it square w a file. anyway thanks for all the advice and I'll let you know how it progresses.
  3. here is my improvised anvil. a peice of 516-70 steel i picked up from a fab shop for 20 bucks. its been hardend. Doesn't ring much and has about 80% rebound w a 1in ball bearing. I haven't used it much yet,just built the stand a few days ago. Still heating up metal with my torch. well its been awhile but I finally got my anvil stand built. I was wondering how to secure it to the stand. Right now its just sitting in it. granted it weighs almost 400 lbs and is pretty solid. But to move it I built it so I could attach wheels to the base to move it around. I was thinking about welding it to the base but its hardend steel and I would have to heat it up to around 500 degrees Fahrenheit to get good penetration. so does anyone have other ideas?
  4. this is the mill on the stand
  5. Thanks for the advice. I’m thinking of drilling holes in the frame and in the bottom of the tubes and bolting them down that way. No holes in the top that way. I am worried about warping the tubes if I weld them.
  6. I got a old powcon 200sm with a powcon wire feeder. picked up both for 70 bucks at a estate auction. its one of the first inverter welders and it puts some of the newer fancier ones to shame. real easy to use you can put up to 20 lb spools of wire on it. You can weld all day. doesn't get hot. its also a great stick welder downside is its only DC. most of the stuff in my shop I picked up used on offer up and Facebook marketplace. l dread the day it breaks cause parts are impossible to find. There's deals out there just gotta keep looking. oh yeah I run it off a 30 amp 230 circuit it humms right slong
  7. I picked up a jet jmd-18pfn the other day. I'm not a machinists jut a guy who doesn't want to use a drill press for milling. while this is older ,made in 2005. I don't think it was used for milling at all when I checked for run-out it was .0002. the table is dead square to the spindle. at least as far as I can tell. my question is will I be able to use this to flatten the top of a piece of rr track and whats the largest size face mill I should get. its has a 2 hp motor 230 power.
  8. Oh yay I got that big block of steel out of my truck and back on the pallet on a dolly. Didn't wreck anything. Turns out my ability to measure was impaired. Its 20x14x5 hardend steel block 400 lbs. I also bought a mill from the fabrication shop. I'd practice building a stand for the anvil by building a stand for the mill. Almost done. My shops a little crowded thinking about putting the anvil and eventually the forge outside under a lean-to. I think I'd like to build a metal stand for the anvil. probably better if its gonna live outside. Plus I want to kind of steam punk it up. Give it a riveted look.
  9. Yeah right now it’s on a small pallet. I ordered a 800Lb magnetic lifting eye. That and my lift should do it. I need to find the perfect place for it in my one car garage sized shop. Don’t want to have to move it again. I had to put in a winch and pull system to store my table saw when I don’t use it. It’s hanging in the rafters. I’m collecting the parts to build a gas forge. Just need to buy or build the burners. I’ve been watching videos on utube about smithing and have become very good at........watching videos on utube lol. I’m thinking about building a leanto next to my shop to set up the anvil and forge. We’ll see what happens. First I need to get that block of steel out of my truck.
  10. Hi all. New to blacksmithing. Been reading the posts for awhile. Unemployed due to COVID. Hanging out at home for awhile. Always thought beating steel into usefull things would be cool. I took a short class in knlfe making. Made a knife out of a horseshoe.....well a letter opener anyway. Now I’m hooked. Need all the help I can get. So looking forward to the advice from you all.
  11. Ok sounds like it will do. It has good rebound and I beat on a piece of mild steel bar I had cold and it didn’t leave any marks on the surface. Only hard part will be putting it on a stand. Nothing to attach to. Probably gonna get one of those magnetic lifting things and use that and my engine hoist. I was gonna use my gas torch to heat up the steel but that’s not very efficient. Oh well I’m ready to get started. I found a place in Seattle that’s holding classes but their not cheap.
  12. I’ve been reading posts here for about a year. Thought I’d finally join. Took a little blacksmithing class, made a knife out of a horseshoe....well a letter opener anyway. Now I’m hooked. Got a question about a hardened steel block I picked up to use for a anvil. It’s 18 in by 15 in by 6 in wide. Weighs about 550 lbs. Will this work alright or should I keep looking for a real anvil. The only thing it doesn’t have is a horn. I was thinking of using a piece of rr track for that. Thing is I got the block for 40.00 and the rr track for 20 and real anvils that size are more then my budget can take. If you all think it will be sufficient to start. I’ll put more work into it. Build a forge. Take more classes. Thanks
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