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  1. An concerns so far about the teeth on the vice, or have you taken them off? I am eyeing either the the 5'' or 6'' as we speak
  2. Yea, next size up is 165. I need something moderately portable for the time being as the S. FL weather is not the best for leaving anything metal outside in, so I plan to take things in and out of the temperature controlled garage to the back yard (though the non controlled shed is WAY closer) I also have an astronomy hobby and that means a few dobsonian telescopes sitting around. My 12 inch is far better to leverage than my smaller scopes and binocs, but it's 92lbs and awkward to move around. Thus it is not the one that gets taken out the most. The best sized scope is the one you use most so we tend to state. I am taking that theory to getting my feet wet in home smithing as well, it has to be something I will comfortably move around and set up. In the future I may consider rebuilding the shed (though we have a 10x10 footprint max here) or will just keep my eye open for more space on a future home purchase.
  3. Fair comment, these days with remote work 100% of the time I run in to less folk, though I could be selling myself short on potential I've no opinion here it was just a reason it was discounted that I had seen prior, I am pretty 100% set on the 110 kanca at this point, now just deciding on anything to pick up or not with it in the same order.
  4. I guess the last thing I will bring up here is a post vise. I have a bench vice that may work for a some light twisting or hot rasping for the time being. I could add the Kanca post vice to my centaurforge order and at least get 10% off since it is my first order, but I read concerns about the teeth on in, and it assuredly looks far more teethy than what I have used in the shop. Not that I want to, but could I file these down a bit and have it be viable? Being in pretty urban S. FL I am unsure of the TPAAAT concept when it comes to a post vice, as no circle that I am in outside of the forge folk really deals with anything related to hardware. Also, prices for used anvils and vises are a bit ridiculous from what I can tell, even more so compared to the prices that I am reading from the 2010's on here. Seems everyone stocked up on the $50 leg vises awhile ago.
  5. No worries, the tongs wouldn't be done without some guidance, yes they are more complex than the hooks and what not that I am progressing from but I'll bring it up when I go to the forge night next time. The JABOD I am pretty excited about now that I have gotten over my original idea of just getting a propane forge. I live in the S. FL suburbs, but the neighbors should not complain too much about charcoal smell. As for the sound, we all put up with a drummer learning in his garage for about 2 years until he went to college.
  6. xxxx, I may just order the anvil and hammer, build some sort of JABOD, and then make some simple (I am sure terrible) tongs and then progress from there, that sounds way more fun than buying all the stuff.
  7. Thanks all, I've been a bit spoiled as of late because they just have whatever you need somewhere around the shop on the forge night. I'll pay a bit more attention this round and make a list. Last is a forge, they have propane chili forges where I am learning the basics. for the time being I will probably use an old grill that I have laying around and work something together with that and chunk charcoal. After all, I got to make something myself. No real fabrication experience in my 38 years here (though I have signed up for a intro to welding class). I will keep reading up on ribbon burners as it seems to be a good option. I really appreciate your replies.
  8. I really appreciate the feedback all! I am leaning toward the Kanca, I did consider Holland and Hoffman, but price and shipping cost/timing wise it is pretty hard to beat what I am seeing at centaur. I will pick up a 2lb cross pein to go along with it, now I am deciding the best general purpose tongs and after that I get to come up with a forge solution.
  9. Good day all! Over the past couple months I have taken some blacksmithing intro classes and have been attending some open forge nights. I am really enjoying it and am now considering getting myself some tools for the house. I don't have a lot of space in my backyard, and my little 6x8 shed is already filled to the brim. Also with the weather in S. FL, I am not sure if leaving things outside is a viable option. For the time being I've decided that I would be happy with a movable setup that I can work at under a 10x10 tent that I can put up in the yard. All that said, I am looking between two anvils currently in that "movable" category, and just wanted some help finalizing the decision. Both of them I am considering from centaurforge, as their shipping costs are pretty agreeable. The anvils are: Kanca 110 lbs. Drop Forged Double Horn Anvil Emerson 100 lb. Traditional Anvil (without cams) I have read through the site, as well as others, to try to get some kind of general consensus, but I am still left a bit torn between these. From what I can tell, they are both well enough regarded for an anvil of that size. On the Kanca's front, the negatives seem to be the potentially small waist, and there was a long thread regarding a Kanca that was not hardened, but that was solved by both Centaur and Kanca and I assume can likely be considered a one off. On the Emerson front, well I know CGL likes hers, and can't find many negatives, I think my only concern is the 48-50 hardness vs the Kanca's 54-62. I will continue to go to the open forge night that I can around here as I enjoy being around other people far more experienced than I and taking in whatever knowledge I can. I know I can improvise an anvil out of plenty other objects, but going from working on a 250# Fisher at the open forge to a little chunk of metal with no horn or holes would just me. I appreciate any input! Edit: Meant to post this in the Anvil forum, I was going to delete it and move it, but seems I can't find the ability to do that. If any mods are able, that would be great!
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