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  1. want a posum?

  2. Hi there and welcome to IFI! I have a 50 pound ASO that I'd give you. The guy that gave it to me made me promise that I'd pass it on for the same price! :D However, that's a far piece to drive for an ASO! It end up costing what couple hundred in gas!
    Hey anyway, I LOVE blackpowder but have never fired a flinlock. Just traditional percussion! What kind of ri...

  3. I do a bit of scrimshaw and that is a very interesting idea you have there. Blood stains and stays in various mediums, but I'm not sure how permanently. Maybe you could mix some blood with the ink. Decomposition smell might be a problem, but it would be such a small amount I doubt it. Now I'm going to have to do some experimenting.
  4. We did our second demo yesterday at a small town event. It's lots of fun, but tiring. I tried to get stuff made up before hand to sell, as it seems to always take longer to make things at a demo (not the forge you're used to, people talking to you, etc.). But I really enjoy doing that. We had some boy scouts stop by and talk. They had been to summer camp here in Missouri and had taken a week long blacksmithing class sponsored by BAM. It's great to see young folks getting into this.
  5. I love it! You have one lucky son. I haven't tried a hawk yet. I've been considering one from a ball peen. Did you drift the hole any for the handle or just leave it as it was when it was a hammer?
  6. I can't help with the ID, but if it weighs 220 lbs and you got it for $200 then I think you got a good deal. Use it and enjoy.
  7. I've tried making my own touch marks with little to no success. I found a guy that I think is less expensive than most the others I contacted and have gotten stamps from him. You can even send a sketch or picture of what you want and he will make a custom stamp for you. He also has a bunch of pictures of stamps you can choose from. He will email what the stamp will ultimately look like and you can make changes before he makes it. It's called Buckeye Engraving. The address is 4485 Crystal Pkwy: suite 200 ; Kent, OH 44240, Phone is 330 677 5685 and fax is 330 677 3936. I found it simpler to em
  8. My gosh that looks GREAT! I have never tried to bend flat stock like you have. It looked like to me when I first saw your drawing that it would be impossible. I will have to try it myself sometime. Keep up the great work and more pictures. Man that is impressive to me.
  9. I can't access blueprint bp0322. Is there any way I can get to this blueprint? Thanks
  10. I like it. I think those things are kind of hard to make. At least it is for me. Good job.
  11. I'd be interested in doing this monthly project. Material limits would be ok, but I'm way too new at smithing to have a time limit (other than a month).
  12. Gerald, thanks so much. I never thought of blacksmith puzzles. I tried metal puzzles and tavern puzzles. Thanks again
  13. Just wondering if anyone knows of a book or internet site that has fairly simple tavern puzzle patterns. I've looked on Amazon and googled tavern puzzles, but not coming up with much. Just thought someone might know of a book or place that I could get such a thing. Thanks, Cindy
  14. I have the DVD and like it a lot. Of course I'm pretty new at all this, so everything is a learning experience for me. It shows how you can do quite a lot with not much. It changed what I think an anvil is or has to be.
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