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  1. I would like to thank everyone who helped me with putting my forge together, with all of your help and advice I have finally become a true blacksmith!( the first three pics are after using it for four or five hours and turning the flame off) I would like to especially thank frosty Thomas powers and buzzkill for the advice
  2. This was exactly the problem and it was fixed by putting the burner into the forge, though I am yet to weld it on
  3. I have recently follow frosty's T burner plans and have one problem,my burner will be running good with dark and light blue flames it will suddenly go out and I would have to re light it. any advice on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance
  4. This was what I have in it now, I guess I'll see how it holds upthe first picture is what I got to replace it, should I return it?I have not opened it yet.
  5. Is this what I want I thought I might layer it over the other cement
  6. Thanks I ended up with two inches of wool and Putin refractory but I guess I put in the wrong refractorysince it was firebrick repair
  7. I already have it it was all I could get around herewehave already layered my forge with it, is this something I could fix?
  8. Ahh I am looking for rock hard and it is about 80 degrees daily here my refractory is standard "firebrick repair" Rutland refractory cement
  9. How long does one inch thick castable refractory take to dry
  10. Thank you, I found frosty's instructions on this forum and that is what I think I'll do!
  11. Would one inch kaowool work is is two inches a must? And I looked at your t burner designs, frosty and I think that is what I will try if you think that will work.what else would you recommend for a forge outline that would replace the tubing.
  12. I do not yet but plan on getting one soon
  13. Ok good idea never thought about that I also plan on being able to shut gas off to burners if they are not in use
  14. Mainly I want the cheapest to build, and I have lousy shop skills but my dad is helping a bunch with everything. I am good at following plans. We have a lot of tools at our disposal including but not limited to drills cutoff saws angle grinders blow torches stick welder etc. and I never thought about moving it back and forth through the forge. How long should I cut it to and how many burners should I have, I hope to be able to use this forge for a long time on a variety of things throughout its life, including jewelry, and large and small knives and axe heads and possibly larger stuff like a m
  15. Forgehermet


    In my previous post I learned that my oddball burners probably would not get hot enough for a forge so now I am wondering what the cheapest burner design that runs on propane is. My forge is 28"x8"x8", and I would also like to know how many burners I should have in my new forges construction.
  16. Thank you for the advice buzzkill
  17. It was given to me and I hope to use it whole and not cut it
  18. I'm not sure about the pressure but they use propane and I hope to be able to do general bladsmithing
  19. I am putting my gas forge together and I only have ribbon burners. They are three connected together each being about 17 inches long. My forge is a 8x8x28 inch square tube that I plan to insulate with refractory cement and one inch of kaowool.how thick should my cement be and how should I arrange my ribbon burners to prevent melting and get maximum heat? I am fin with using less than three burners if I should.
  20. Great point, from now on it is a resource pile!
  21. Yes I do have a junk pile and I plan to eventually use all of it. I have multiple lawn mower and bushhog blades as well as rebar and a LOT of horseshoes. I have a 3lb cross pein and two ball peins the larger one being around a pound and the other is smaller than that.
  22. I live on a farm, any metals(bushhog blades, tractor pins, etc) that you recommend I start collecting now for later use in bladesmithing.
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