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  1. Had some decent sessions the last 2 days. Fired it up with charcoal yesterday day and it heated up phenomenally. Tried corn today. Started the fire with s otto me charcoal, let the corn coke up, decent amount of smoke but it caught the updraft from the heat and dissipated quickly. Once it transitioned to corn coke only it started smoking like a house fire and refused to have any form of a hot spot. Definitly going back to just charcoal, think the corn is a little beyond my fire tending skill at the moment.
  2. Yeah. The pics were about a half hour in. But that's the usual amount I'd have in there because I'm a cheapskate. Luckily the feed store is close by so I can always get more fuel haha.
  3. Rain let up. So I went outside and started experimenting. Smacked my pipe in as far as I could before it started trying to blowout the clay. I removed the brick from underneath which gave me about 1 1/2" from the bottom of the pipe to the floor. Did a quick fire with my normal amount of fuel, hot spot was a bit bigger, so I piled on more fuel and BAM, beautiful nice hot mound. Didnt get any pics of the fire because, of course, it started raining again. But tomorrow's forecast is clear and dry so I'll take plenty of corny pictures for you guys
  4. I'll give that a go too. Got alot of experimenting to do as soon as it stops raining.
  5. Trench is about 4-5"deep. The pipe is almost flush with the floor. The trench floor is a half cut brick. So if that's the issue I can easily remove the bottom brick and pack some dirt in instead to give some space at the trench floor
  6. Will do. Thanks for the help
  7. It makes a good seal. It could be better though honestly. I dont blow everything out of it if I crank it hard but it blows out a good amount of it. I'll definitly push it through the last half inch next fire, I got cut short today due to rain. I'll also see about some better sealing. Currently I have the blower attached to a dryer vent, and then a homemade funnel is reducing it down to 1". I'm wondering if that's causing any issues as well.
  8. I knew I forgot somthing. It's a 1" black iron pipe
  9. Hey guys, I'm relatively new to the forum. I've perused for a while but only recently made an account. I was inspired by another's JABOD forge, and made a similar trench style. Its 2'x2' 12"deep. 1"1/2-2" layer on the bottom.trench was formed with bricks, about 4"wide and then packed with the dirt/clay from my yard. I'm having trouble getting my heat to go out past an inch or two from the blower hole. I checked it as I let the fire die and it is maybe recessed in about a 1/4-1/2" from the opening in the trench. I think that might be it but I'm also unsure as the clay and brick dont have a whole lot of space for the air to escape. Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks. And yeah I got curious and tried corn, so far I love it.