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  1. Show me your anvil

    That's not bad if it sounds good on the the rebound test I would go for it.
  2. Show me your anvil

    I have the same one I payed £160 for it, but it depends on where you live some go up past £300 mark in some area's.
  3. Show me your anvil

    And I thought getting my P. W 135lb for £160 was good. Well done if you give it a clean up with a wire Wheel and it should tell you the weight on the side. Very nice anvil enjoy
  4. The big 8 blacksmithing techniques

    Nice video. Thanks.
  5. It followed me home

    Well I went to a tool auction and picked up a super weld 140 with 2 brazing guns and rods, and an oxy acetylcholine rig and some flux. Not bad for £11.80.
  6. Vertical forge questions

    Thanks TFT for the link to superwool I'll have to see if they ship to the UK. I would much rather use a non toxic insulation than the stuff I've got. Thanks Gary
  7. Well Mikey as always the choice is yours in regards to safety. I am just passing on the info from the company who makes it here. But after some more research (thanks TFT for the link) I think I will be trying to get it from the U.S as it does seem to make a non toxic version maybe it's made using a different process in the U.S. whether they would post to a tiny island off the south of England is any body's guess. As I said just passing on the information what you do with it is up to you. Regards Gary
  8. T Burner Illustrated Directions

    Yeah, I know the mig tip is to long but I'll sort it during tune up. I don't know if I'll be using the flare it's a spare off one of my other burners can't say I noticed any difference between with or without a flare to be honest.
  9. T Burner Illustrated Directions

    Hi Frosty I think your right about Ron's burners, I'm just pushing the limits of what they can do. SO I went shopping today and made a 3/4 T burner, I had a spare flare which I may or may not use, hopefully I can get it tuned in in the next few days. I'll post up some more pictures when I get it going. Ps I like the ribbon burner very simple but effective! Let us know how you get on with in regards to fuel and versatility over time. I'll definitely have to keep an eye on that. Purely for research purposes of course.
  10. T Burner Illustrated Directions

    Thanks Frosty I'll give that a try. I think I'll give you're design a go next and run a comparison I have no real problems with Ron's but gas costs and any saving is good and I just enjoy the process of making them. I'll post up the new results as and when I do it.
  11. As stated on the box, Ceramic fibre insulation is carcinogenic e.g. it will cause lung cancer and other lung diseases. It must be covered whenever it is used in direct flame and a proper mask and PPE must be worn when fitting or cutting before coating. It must be treated with the same regard as asbestos. Please check with your supplier regarding safety regulations in your area. It may be different to ours. Rant over, just so people know the risks before using it.
  12. T Burner Illustrated Directions

    Hi Frosty , thanks for all you're info. I'm using a Ron Reil burner. Just a quick question, would your calculations regarding tube diameter versus length (3/4 x 8 = 6) apply to his burners as well I'm just trying to improve fuel efficiency? I'm using about 5 lts an hour at about 6-8psi in a 315 cubic inch chamber with 2" kaolwool lining plus a thin coating of fire cement slurry. Thanks Gary
  13. Most people over here (England) use both metric and imperial if you're weighing yourself it's in stones pounds and ounce, cars and scrap metals are weighed by the ton but food is sold by grams or kilo's but beer is sold by the pint or 1\2 pint most use feet and inches for most things, but if you want the accuracy you swap to metres/ millimetres. After working I construction I can use whatever measurements are thrown at me it makes no odds. But it was a little confusing when I first started out.
  14. It followed me home

    I picked these up today at a car boot sale for £10 the 2 hammers are about 4oz a set of Tong's, a soft faced hammer ( it needs new faces ) and a 1/4" rivet setting tool, hot cut chisel and some punches. Very pleased with the riveting tool, looks too be from about the ww1 or 2 army issue I'm guessing from the paint that's left.
  15. I finally had some time at the forge yesterday and thought I should make a start on some Xmas presents ideas for friends. For a first attempt I'm quite pleased with the results but I do have to adjust the twists so they match. P.s how do you guys attach the brushes as I have not started on the brush poker yet? (do you make your own or do you buy them?) Thanks