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  1. I know very little, I am sure more will be along to advise... I'll give you a run down of what you'll get though! Plenty of space there for light use, get some hot metal and a hammer out! If you're going to repair only gunther will do. At a guess the anvil is cast from the sticky outy three. I think it looks lovely as is and I wouldn't touch it. KG
  2. Thanks for assuming typo, . We used to cook half pig heads, makes a great stock. The dog loved it too! Just tried to spell it properly and autocorrect on my phone is coming into play... More tongues to come, lol
  3. Got myself a 1" bearing and hit 10 3/4" rebound from 12" in the middle not as bouncy at the ends but I assume that's true for most and is to be expected? More weight in the middle. No closer on her history but I guess it's rude to ask a lady's age... Oh and I made myself some BBQ tongues from 1/8th round with a claw hammer and a plumbers torch! Rough but effective! More to come methinks!
  4. Helicopter and truck bearings, I might go make friends with the closest scrap yard I can find. I live close to a mine also, they might have something! Thanks again for your help!
  5. I know of a shop called 'city seals and bearings' I'll make a trip down! I think all they sell are bearings. Its in a very industrial part of town. Thanks again, Keiran.
  6. Thanks TP, I'll look on ebay or something for a large bb! Keiran
  7. Irondragon, thanks. I don't have a ballbearing to test but it feels bouncy under a hammer and sings a nice tune! I might pull apart one of my bikes to get a small bearing, size of bearing only matters to help see it easily right? Thanks again, Keiran
  8. Thanks frosty, I was only taking paint off to see/reveal the markings more as I would like to know more about her. I like the black and green finish and will be leaving it, I definitely like it much more than potentially lead laced dust! haha. I will have a look online for the waxes (thanks for the tip) but failing that I'll get some linseed oil, I have used it before and have relatively easy access to it. Thanks again for the advice, Keiran.
  9. Hello, My first anvil, feels good, feels really good! Not sure my car agrees though after the trip home! I want to love it and care for it and have given it a light wire brushing as it was mossy and double painted... I would like to know as much about it as possible, i work it out as 326lbs from the 2 3 18 on the side and also that it is probably English because of this numbering. It has a cross with dots on the other side and JWJ /\ on one of the legs. I have attached some pics if it worked! If anyone can help me id it I would be very grateful. One of the ha
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