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  1. Thanks to all!! The fellow I bought it from I have known for 25 years, his dad got this from the RR so I believe him, but you are right with no provenance, it is just a story, albeit true. After all the input I am just going to go after it with a nylon brush, some simple green, and then the Ballistol , I thank you all for the valuable input. I am going to join BAM , Blacksmith Association of Missouri and start going to some of their clinics, anvil repair is one I would like to attend to get the little torch cut on the heel repaired, but that is down the road. My end goal is to leave it to the next user in as good or better condition than I found it in. G George
  2. Thank You, I have not messed with weapons since my army days and that was a looong time ago.. G George
  3. Sir's; Yes I know not to try to repair, weld, and or grind it, but thank you for a reminder! Where to find Ballistol, is it an oil? autoparts, lumberyard, online?? I will do a search unless you fellows know a good source. I am going to use this, but not abuse it, I would like to retain it's value as a collectable. I do have the screw and screwbox for the vise, that thing weighs like 170 lbs. Missing are the spring and mount. Figured on making the mount and trying to find a buggy seat spring for the missing spring( I live next to a Mennonite community) so a seat spring should be a common find. I wanted to buy a new anvil as everyone thinks they have a chunk of Gold, or the sentimental attachment( grandpa used this for most his life) . Any idea what the anvil is worth alone? Is that a low serial #, being a RR anvil would that bring the RR guys into the market?? What do you think the swage is woth, 4" thick 15"x15" before being broken. I would like to know as I am insuring the tools I just got in my homeowners policy. I also scored a champion cast forge with blower and hood, 3' x 4', 4" vise, Gas forge, so I am about ready to have some fun. Gentlemen I thank you for your advise and it is well received!!
  4. I just bought an anvil, (Hay Budden 130 lb), a swage block that has the corner missing, and 2 buckets of tools, 1 hammers, 1 tongs and a 3rd bucket 1/4 full of hardy tools. My question is should I clean the anvil?? The fellow I bought it from took a twisted wire wheel to the swage block, and I showed up in time to stop him from doing the same to the anvil. The anvil was brought here from Forsyth Montana, and was an anvil at Burlington northern railroad, the anvils # is A25928, and it has a 091 on the side at the heel. a member told me it was from 1920 but what does the A stand for?? I would like to keep as much history as I can with this anvil. I am not a collector, but I think I got a pretty good deal for what I got. Pics to follow....G George The vise is a 7.5" that I picked up separately, and am in the process of loosening it up enough to get the lower bolt out, and get it working free, the probably sell it. Should it be left rusty or should I paint it??
  5. I just got a 130 pound hay budden anvil from a fellow, was wondering if one of you would tell me the year it was made, I cannot afford to buy Mr. Postman's book to use once. I do know it was made in New York, the serial # A25928 I was told it was from a rail road that had closed shop and sold the shop tools. Thanks for any information. G George
  6. I have only received the pictures, will view it tomorrow. That is why I am asking questions, just found out about it yesterday. G George
  7. I have the opportunity to buy this anvil, William Foster 1844 weight around 110 lbs, has a funny little shelf about half way up the side. I have no experience, and do not know if this is something worth using or should it not be used. I am mainly interested in Knife making, and am wanting to save for a smithing anvil, is this a waste of time and money?? The fellow says it has good rebound, and ring. Any help is appreciated. G George
  8. I was going to use a hand crank blower. I was thinking of a 3' x 3' plate steel with a firebrick floor, and cast refractory on that. Or Sell it. G George
  9. Hello to all; I picked up this Tuyere and it has no markings, was wondering what make, what size forge to build around it, or if I should use it at all. It is Big, and the local Mennonite Fellow who has a machine shop (he is 85 yrs old) has never seen one like it. The ash dump cast was broken and I had it welded by the aforementioned Mennonite fellow. Any help, comments are most welcome
  10. Thank You Sir; I have updated my profile . G George
  11. I bought a Devil Forge 3 burner model, I painted the interior with the rigidizer. I used what was left to coat the top of the brick, I thought, what could it hurt right? What do I need to do next? I have mainly used coke on my forging until now, so I am uneducated on gas forges. Should I reline with firebrick? Keep the ceramic wool fiber, consequently, we used the same stuff in chimney relining to wrap the SS liners we put in chimneys, but wrapped it with SS mesh to keep it in place. 20 years of using that stuff. I bought mine to do canister Damascus as it is so much cleaner than coal, or coke. Any guidance is much appreciated! G George ( Firefly Forge)