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  1. OK, here are some better pictures of the vices. The big one has an interesting mounting plate with a triangle, but no C like the Colombian logo. I got the lighter one to spring open by working it. It has pretty finial on the thread box and the legs look hand worked.
  2. Thanks for the tips. I appreciate old things, like me.
  3. Along with my recent anvil acquisitions, I picked up two leg vices. One heavier, one lighter, both about 5" jaws. The screws and boxes are in good shape, but the springs don't open the jaws. Luckily, they have all the mounting pieces. The larger vice has a clover shaped mounting plate, while the smaller one has a V shaped strap. Any idea on the makers? I didn't see any markings. Should the springs open the jaws when the screw is turned out? I could bend the spring a little to give it more travel.
  4. I weighed the wrought anvil at 128 lbs. It's marked with a 1 1. If that means 1 CWT + 1 Stone = 126 lbs. That is about right. While I was at it, I weighed my Fisher Norris anvil. It weighed 146 lbs. So does that make it nominally a 150 lb anvil?
  5. I cleaned up the garden anvil and took some additional pictures. I don't see any further ID marks under the horn. The hardy and pritchel holes are 0.85" (21.5 mm)and 0.43" (11 mm) respectively. They are considerably smaller than the holes in my Fisher Norris anvil. I tried to assess the rebound level. It's pretty good on the ends. I'd estimate 75%. But less so in the center of the top face where it's worn. If anyone has an idea of the value, I'd appreciate an estimate. I'd like to tell my friend what it's worth. I told him I'd make some fittings for his house and barn in exchange.
  6. I'm in Erie, PA, USA. As you see it has a heavy horn and no step. I don't have picture under the horn. I'll post one later. I haven't done any restoration work expect power washing it. I'd like to know if I should sand blast it or grind the top plate. Thanks, Paul By the way, I'm a degreed Metallurgist. So if anyone has any steel questions, I'd be happy to answer them.
  7. I got an anvil from a friend that found in his garden. He lives in a 100 year old house in an area that was settled in the early 1800's. It's a little rusty from being buried for 100 years and the top plate is worn from use, but otherwise in good condition. I'd like to know the age and maker if possible. The only marks are two large "I"s punched in the left side and single large punch mark on the right side. I'd estimate the weight to be a little over 100 pounds. It appears to by a forged anvil. It rings like a bell. I'll send you photos if you give me an email address. Paul
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