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  1. seagiant

    1st Post Vise

    Hi, You can mount it on a Post or a Table... Just remember to put something under the leg!!! I see people mount these Leg Vises and not support the leg??? Which defeats the whole purpose of the vise! Oh yea....You stole it!!! Now you need a small 3" for smaller stuff! It never ends!
  2. seagiant

    Got a leg vise

    Hi, NICE!!! I have one that size and even one smaller! Had to make a spring for it from a car leaf spring. Easy enough to do and now works great! These were made of course, to take a beating while forging HOT!
  3. seagiant

    Another Trenton anvil ID

    Hi, That is a good size anvil! Not to big or to little? Get a decent Leg Vise and a gas forge and start making things!!!
  4. seagiant

    Bader Space Saver

    Hi, More, closer pics??? Thanks!!!
  5. seagiant

    post vise spring

    Hi BC, Well you are getting set up a xxxx of a lot cheaper than I did! With luck like that you'll probably get up one morning and trip over one of those original Bufflo Forges outside you're front door! (grin)
  6. seagiant

    "Blown" Forge Question

    Hi Patrick, That sounds pretty wild! I think the difference comes in at commercial size and hobby size. Like I said we use the heat exchange principle all over the ship where I work and it saves money no doubt,but for a small forge,may not matter that much. I am going to use ITC-100 this time on top of the satinite and look for that to make the difference!
  7. seagiant

    "Blown" Forge Question

    Hi Frosty, Thanks for the info! You are probably right a few more bucks spent on K-wool might get better results and be easier to do. Being a Marine Engineer, I deal with heat exchangers on the engines,evaporators,watemakers,ect. I guess I had to look into it trying to find that free ride so to speak! Jymm, sent me some photos of a burner that he uses that looks promising. I used the Don Fogg vertical for years and it worked great and all it was,is a 2" pipe with a reducer on the end as a burner! I think as long as you get the air and fuel mixed well you will have a forge! Thanks again!
  8. seagiant

    Blacksmithing as a profession

    Hi, I'm not a full time smith,but thought I would give the info I came up with when I looked into this. I have taken about 4 classes at Campbells in NC,which gives you a week to talk to the teacher who is a pro and to get some pretty good info on the life style. The first thing you come up against is there is only so many hours in a day and consequently only so many items you can produce. This is you're ceiling and thats if you are good with a good name and a quality product. Taking a 1/2" steel rod and putting a twist in it and calling it a fire poker ain't ART! Meaning most of the things you make,people don't really need,they have to want it! I like to make knives,but if you buy a shop full of tools and then you spend a week to make the knife,making the best one you can make, what is it worth??? If you sold it for $150 is that good money??? I think not! This is not to be taken as a negitive post but the next time you run into a full time blacksmith going to work in his shop everyday to feed his wife and kids,buy the man a drink, because he's a hero as far as I'm concerned!!! Like I said just my 2 cents worth!
  9. seagiant

    "Blown" Forge Question

    Hi Jymm, Yea,well I've been smithin for about 20 years, and all so have a coal side draft forge. I weld also for knives mostly but all so for items like fireplace sets and such. Modern steel dosen't weld as nice as the old wrought iron but you already know that I'm sure. Maybe using 2" of K-wool and satinite and then some ITC-100 I can do with out the preheat. It would be easier to build and maintain. I built a Don Fogg type vertical forge which was excellent and made a blown forge fan out of me,but the only thing I didn't like was the no floor aspect of it. Sometimes I like to "soak" the steel and if you wanted to do that you had to stand there and hold it! I had a friend that wanted to forge so gave it to him and now want to build another. I noticed people are using the gate valve like you mentioned for the air throttle,looks good to me also. I've looked at Indian Georges site and Tim Zowada's so have a few ideas. Did you do anything special on the burner end of things. I was thinking of using 1.5" pipe to the side and then going up to3" of 2" and then back to 3/4" into the forge to creat a mixer. Any ideas on that?
  10. seagiant

    "Blown" Forge Question

    Hi Jymm, Thanks for the comeback on this. You seem to have strong ideas on this and from a look at your site seem to have the work history to back it up! I actually never saw a downside to preheating the air but what you come up with in your mind and what actually works is sometimes very different!!! I want to heat treat knives in my forge (1500 degrees F) and thought the preheat would help with this? On the other hand may be able to do it anyway without it. Just want to do a little research before starting, to make the best one I can. Thanks again!
  11. seagiant

    "Blown" Forge Question

    Hi, I'm looking at building a new blown forge but would like to use a air preheat feature somewhat like the Sandia Lab forge. What I"m thinking is to cut a couple of holes on the lower side of the forge then build a box against this, line with K-wool then run my piping through the box to pick up heat then the pipe runs to the intake of my blower and is used to mix with the propane to the other side of the forge to the burner. I could even run the pipe doubled in the box a couple of times to pick up more heat. Of course the actual air is coming from outside the box and is only heated as it runs through the pipe in the heated box to the blower. The question is how hot is enough and how hot is to much,ie: blower burnt and or pre ignition of propane??? Was wondering if anyone has done this before? Preheating is suppose to save up to 25% on fuel so I see this as a good thing! Any ideas? Thanks!