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  1. It is a very nice and BIG anvil, congratulation. When I found my cast steel Brooks anvils, I did some search on the internet and didn’t find much information, and almost nothing on the forged one. The best I found was a post on this forum. If it’s not already done, do a search on “John Brooks anvil” and roll down the results to a reply from Bruce Beamish dated December 25, 2012. It will not gives you the age of your anvil but maybe, at least, a part of the history? The cast steel Brooks made after WWII looks “common” at least, around here. I found two of them and saw many othe
  2. Thanks for your answers. Since then, I did some research on horseshoes history and now I know that sometime, they are still made from scratch. I simply hoped that I could use this feature to have an idea of how old it is. Thanks again
  3. The photos don't show well but the curved portion of the hook shape is two time deeper. That's what makes me think it could be to forge a kind of tong used by farriers. Frosty, I understand that for blacksmith it is possible to forge a tong but if this feature works, it is certainly faster. With the proper shape and size of material, it probably takes two ? heats and it is done. The farrier tong makes me bring my horse shoe and then I realised that the strange waves on the side perfectly fit the nail groove. Mister Stevens, If it is effectively a feature to form the nail gro
  4. Thanks for your welcome, It is great to have the opportunity to discuss with people who understand our passion. I am in Trois-Rivières. Regards.
  5. You are right Littleblacksmith, I accidently press the submit topic . And the time between then and now it the time it takes me to edit the massage. So now, every body knows that I don't write very fast. Again, any advise would be very appreciated. Thanks for reading.
  6. Hi, I am new to blacksmithing so everything is new for me. Actually I am at the step of finding equipment for my new hobby. Recently, I found this swage block. I don't know if it is really special but I did not find any other like this on the internet. The dimensions are 13.5 x 17.5 x 4" and it weight 203 lbs. Part of the block looks to be dedicated to farriers. The hook form has the same shape as a farrier nippers head. The large radius fit the shape of a horse shoe toe. The waves on the side fit the nail groove of a horse shoe. The other parts of the block has 3 shapes lo
  7. Hi everybody, My name is Jack and I am just starting a new passion. I discovered it last Christmas when I bought an old anvil to my father. When I searched the net to find him informations on his anvil, I realised that it would be a nice hobby. I like finding equipment, creating tools... and maybe one day, I may become an artist blacksmith. Up to now, I forged only a few things: Hooks, poker and the classic "spike knife". Here is my first knife. A lot of great informations on this forum, Many Thanks
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