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Anvil for Auction

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The anvil in the picture is coming up for auction about an hours away from me. I live in Texas. Anvil's here seem to be few and far between. The auction guy say he thinks it's about 150lbs. I know the price of anvils on-line is going through the roof. So, any suggestions on how much you all think this should go for, would be appreciated.



Thank you,

Mark G



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In an auction its no way to tell what is going to go for , it's got plenty of life left and its a good brand . Good luck ,I never can get an anvil from an auction around here ,and see them often and they always seem to go for excessive amounts of money. If somebody falls in love with it you won't get it cheaply . I hope you don't have my experience and are able to get it for a good price. Good luck!

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The tap test works best on anvils with a wrought iron body and a forged welded on steel face, there the lack of a good clear TING indicated a hidden crack somewhere in the body of the anvil or the possible delamination of the face in a hidden section.

For a Fisher you won't get a TING more like a thwap  

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Holy Cow!!!!  #1. I think it was only 120 lbs. it looked like a 12 on the base. #2. The xxxxxxx thing went for $850!!!!!!!!  And that's not including the 13% buyer premium and 7% sales tax.


the real kicker was a 300lbs anvil went for $800 yesterday at a different auction. 

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